GH 226v or 220?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by tallkenj, May 9, 2013.

  1. tallkenj

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    I'm considering a GH 226v with a 52 or 61 deck vs a 220 with a 48" deck that is a good price. I'm confused about engine manufactures and vertical and horizontal shafts and overall performance. Its not just a matter of deck size and HP, I'm learning.

    The 226v has a Briggs Pro Turf while the 220 has a Kosher Command. The 220 seems to have a tougher frame. I'm going to use it for me home lot that is about 5 acres. I want something that's going to last a while. I interested in GH because the dealer is close to me and the financing options offered by GH are unbeatable right now.

    I would love to hear opinions, please. The more research I do, the more confused and concerned I become.

  2. doublesharp

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    I bought one of the first GH 226v's to come off the line. Mine was a piece of crap. The deck belt must have jumped the pulleys 50 times in 3 years I used it and it shredded 3 belts. Finally the factory admitted they cut corners with the plastic idler arm pulley and replaced it with a steel pulley. The plastic would flex under heat. The owners manual says engage pto at 1/2 throttle to save clutch wear. The factory tech says on the 226 deck to engage it at 3/4 throttle minimum.

    I finally had the deck worked out when the Briggs gave up at 150 hours. Was leaking oil and would rev erratically when it got hot. Then it would run ok for a few minutes then get goofy again. Governor problem maybe but I think the engine was about to fail? My dealer kept it for a week and found nothing. It acted up on me 30 minutes after I got it back. Grasshopper gives a 1 year residential warranty while most other brands go 4/5 years. My Bob-Cat is 5 yr 500 hr on mower and 3 year on the engine.

    The heat shield on the muffler failed at the weld points. The engine bay is poorly designed and traps heat. The cut was very good but there were too many trips to the dealer and too many times it let me down. My dealer sells many brands and he gave me 1/2 price trade in on my 2010 226V w/150 hr ($3200) to a new Bob-cat Predator Pro with the 35 hp Kawasaki DFI. No complaints about the BC at all. Several user friendly features on the Pred Pro that the GH lacks but it isn't apples to apples as the B-C is about $3500 more expensive than the 226. Had the 226 been reliable I would still be using it but I have no patience with a lemon so I cut my losses and let it fly.
  3. texote

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    Anyone else have any experiences? I too am lookin into the 223v and 226v
  4. Marshmallow

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    Sounds like these are crap.
  5. cinco1

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    I was in your boat and compared some versions like you have suggested.

    From my research:

    Briggs Pro Turf - at best, high end residential motor.

    Kohler Commander - good motor, but uses (I believe - as I was considering a 223 version), a "mule drive" set up that tends to "sap" power due to the way the engine power-to-deck is routedl.

    IMHO - If you move up in cost ($7.5-8k) you can get a MUCH better machine. The Grasshopper 223-52 was on my short list - but the Gravely 152 and Scag Tiger Cat 52 were there too. In the end, I ended up purchasing a Gravely Pro Turn XDZ 252 (w/ 23.5 Kawi) for around $8k. IMO - a much better machine than the GH. Huge transmission and frame, etc. etch. I purchased with 1/2 down through Sheffield at 0%/48 months (Sheffield financing is available for Grasshopper, Gravely, Scag, etc.) Heck of a deal.

    If you are interested, here is my research...
  6. retrodog

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    226 is my best selling grasshopper, i have had really good look with them. One of the few with seperate pump and wheel motors offered at $7k. On the warranty its 4 year parts and labor, and on the briggs cyclonic i have sold over 300 and have had very good luck on them. They are my second least problematic motor right under the vanguard in the shop too. Gh is offering the 0% for 48 months with a nearly nothing 1% fee, when everyone else is charged 3% to 7% for 0%...
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  7. thethrill

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    I too purchased one of the first 226V models. I still have it today actually. My heat shield fell off last year where it was welded to the muffler. Left 2 holes in the muffler I had to weld closed.

    My biggest concern complaint on the mower is the belt jumping and it eating up belts. It's been used hard on rural property where many times frankly I should have been using a bush hog.

    It has held up really well for me and I have been happy overall with it. I have debated buying another mower next spring, (Scag Turf Tiger 2) when the big block EFI comes out.
  8. GoPappy

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    Grasshoppers are not crap. The poster's experience is anecdotal. You can find a user for any mower manufacturer that had a lemon or a bad experience. Scag, Deere, Hustler, Exmark, Toro, etc. All of them have a bad one get through every now and then.

    Grasshoppers are, at least in their commercial models, extremely well built.
  9. ArDonnie

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    I have owned several grasshoppers over the years. I currently have a 2008 220 with 48 inch deck, mulch kit installed, that I use on my weekly yards. It has around 525 hrs. I have had to replace deck belt once because of a stick, mule belt once probably because of a stick, and the stator. It does a good job if you use it within its capabilities. I bought it new. I also have a 725g2, I like the front mount better and love the kubota engine. In my opinion grasshopper makes a fine product. Get what you want and you will be happy.

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