GHS Training/OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 12/1/13

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    Previously posted this question on Pesticide forum with only one response directing me back to the OSHA site.

    Anybody know how this is going to directly effect our side of the business? I have spoke to a supplier, a state regulatory official and anyone else I can get ahold of and nobody seems to know anything about this coming change. The only people I continue to hear from are the companies trying to get us to sign up/pay for training so that we're compliant.

    As I stated before, as far as I can tell, the only change for us in the lawn/tree care industry is that the labels and msds will be changing and we will need to update this documentation and provide the required amount of training/education to our applicators.

    If anybody knows anything pertaining to this coming change please let me know. Thank you
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    Your information is correct - the labels and MSDS will change their formats (MSDS becomes SDS) to reflect the global standard. The new OSHA Standard will effect you in two ways:
    1. Updating your documentation, and training your employees on the new formats - pictograms, etc.
    2. Being aware that the Signal word on the label may not match up with the Signal word on the SDS sheet. OSHA will not be using "Caution," on the SDS, but only "Warning" and "Danger." The EPA will still allow "Caution" on the labels. This will come into play if you are using a product like Roundup PROMAX - labeled "Caution" but SDS indicating "Warning."

    In this case, when informing customers regarding the product's toxicity, indicating that the label states "Caution" would not be error.

    The training is easy - OSHA has free handouts on their website. Have your guys take a 1/2 hour to read them, and in the next couple of years when your product's documentation changes (the new Standard is phased in over a couple of years), show your guys the changes. It's pretty basic.

    Hope this helps.

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