giant bees

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    It is not a cicada killer which are solitary wasps and do not construct huge paper nests. Most cicada killers dig a hole in the ground, place a paralyzed cicada in it and lay and egg on the cicada.

    Without a picture of the insect its hard to say what it is...but the fact that you say they are non aggressive indicates a european hornet. They are very large have a kind of orange cast to them and gather in large numbers. Though somewhat non-aggressive, they will sting when provoked. There nests are as you describe as well.
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    I deal with them every summer, I just fly right threw them with the mower, I am sweating bullets when I do that, but they never bothered me, but they are the ugliest and scariest thing I've ever seen while cutting grass, Well the scariest was a neighbor of one of my accounts was out their with his underwear and a tee-shirt. Other then that those ground bee's are scarry.:gmctruck: Thats why I try to cut their either early morning or later in the evening.
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    Looks like paper wasps nest to me.
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    I know this may not help but I found it good reading.(A Giant Japanese Hornet, the largest species of wasp in the world, suspended in its honey! The Hornet is highly regarded for the enzymes its stomach produces, which give stamina and energy to those who ingest it. In fact in the past the Japanese Olympic athletes used to drink Hornet Honey prior to competing and clinical tests have shown that the enzyme the Hornets produce is proven to work on humans, even, it is claimed, resulting in a gold medal for a female Japanese marathon runner who is said to have used it during the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The Hornet comes suspended on a large needle from the lid, the needle release the enzyme from the Hornet into the honey, but the Hornet is not supposed to be eaten, just the honey which can be spread on toast, stirred into tea or drunk on its own prior to exercising or when you need an energy boost.)
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    Wizzkid, if you are running a mower over Japanese hornets, you are taking a very big risk. They can and do swarm and sting and its very painfull. Their stinger looks like the lead of a pencil, so just keep on mowing overtop of them, sooner or later they will give you a wakeup call.:nono:

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