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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by iski3d, Jul 19, 2003.

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    I am looking to buy a truckloader, and my local dealer sells Giant-Vac truckloaders. I am looking at an 11 horse unit, it will be used on the back of a dump trailer. Is this a good unit or what else would you guys recommend? Mulching leaves is not an option here.
  2. mdb landscaping

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    definately go with the 16hp.....heres the pics you wanted...
  3. mdb landscaping

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    back door. the whole unit and red door swing to the ladder and is clipped by the ladder while the top door is hinged.
  4. GLAN

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    some years ago I had a Giant Vac 11hp loader.

    Sure you can pack more into the truck, yes you don't have to dump as often.

    You lose a guy at the nozzle
    sticks and other debris that may not be seen can clog the hose or the outlet. The noise and dust. Needed 4 men to lift off the truck. Need another truck for the sticks and fallen branches.

    Found it easier and faster without the loader.

    A nice toy to try for a year or two.
  5. dfor

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    I agree with getting a 16 hp unit. I've had a Billy Goat for a couple of seasons and it makes fall clean-ups alot easier. I believe Giant-Vac makes a good unit also.
  6. I like this one, it's a 30hp.


    I had all those problems with my dump trailer, that's why the bigger vacs. Ever since i got the bigger one, leaf removal has been a breeze and very profitable.

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    Thats Ultimate Loosers! What are you doing posting that calling it yours?;) :D
  8. No No No, Bought and paid for by me.
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    Is this the Emil thread again?:eek:
  10. The Who? Pinball wizard...........

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