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GIE 2019

Discussion in 'Trade Shows Forum' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Jul 25, 2019.

  1. DA Quality Lawn & YS

    DA Quality Lawn & YS LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 10,788

    OK lets get a GIE Expo thread on the board. Odd numbered year so I'm going this year.
    Looking to shop ride ons, wanting to see Stinger's new outfit (it'd better be there). Interested in progress on battery powered handhelds. Anyone else?
  2. kemco

    kemco LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,337

    Never been wanted to go this year. Then was told by the wife she already had a fall trip planned. We would come back home day before expo. Not writing it off quite yet but it threw the proverbial monkey wrench into my plans. Really want to go.

    Very interested in ride ons for apps. Know very little about them.
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  3. knox gsl

    knox gsl LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 7,447

    As of right now I'll be there, 6th one in a row. I don't need anything or expect to buy. I just like to go and look at the shinny new toys.
  4. Mownmachine144

    Mownmachine144 LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 967

    They have this every year? Would like to go but.. got so much going this fall.
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  5. Doc8406

    Doc8406 LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 35,755

    Planning to go, if for anything, meet others in the industry
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  6. Locke Lamora

    Locke Lamora LawnSite Member
    Male, from MA
    Messages: 132

    Any rumors on what to expect? I'm an amatuer and not sure if I will ever go, but I sure love seeing the pictures you all post!

    I'm very interested in the electrification of things. I have purchased a blower/trimmer and chainsaw from Stihl that is all battery powered for this season and been very impressed. Not ready for the real tough jobs, but looking forward to the day they are. My main motivation behind them isn't being green, but being quiet. I live in a nice rural area and tend to like to get working early. Electric allows me to start as early as I want and the neighbors do not hear a thing. To be able to get some more heavy duty stuff would excite me, and eventually a full mower.
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  7. sjessen

    sjessen LawnSite Fanatic
    Male, from Knoxville, Tn
    Messages: 24,076

    Two of our grandsons ages 11, and 9 are getting into the "biz". They, along with their dad and I are taking a road trip. The boys will have a blast!
  8. zlandman

    zlandman LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 1,191

    I was unimpressed by many of the ride on applicator booths. Guess the guys were suffering burn out from all the people. Exmark was the only one outdoors able to give me a good overview of the machine. Steel green and zspray were not to be bothered.
    One thing about GIE its getting overrun with homeowners and part timers bringing their kids. Supposed to be a professional trade show but a lot of people don't respect that and its overcrowded for those needing to view and buy equipment .
    The battery equipment really is great. I test ran the greenworks zero turn. Silent and very powerful. Sticker price $25k+ that is if you are willing to wait on production. A local outfit here runs one.
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  9. Cam15

    Cam15 LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 6,923

    Id like to go, maybe next year.....
  10. TPendagast

    TPendagast LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 17,641

    I’ll be there
    But tbh there’s nothing in lawn care (at least for me) worth paying attention to other than ride on spreader sprayers - I go for the hardscape expo these days.

    Going to be my wife’s first year going, riding there on a street glide , hope it’s as warm as it was in 2017
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