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    Has this been done before? "In addition to the flash drive provided on-site, presentations will be available online prior to and after the Conference for paid attendees."

    I am guessing it is just the power point outline of the classes... I am going but having a hard time deciding which classes to attend.

    It appears that there are lots of good ones at the same time. Apparently sustainability is the catch word of the show must be 6 different classes titled "sustainability"

    I have my plane and hotel reservations. My wife is looking for someone who has already registered to get their number to enter some refer a friend drawing. If anyone is interested Pm me I need to register by Monday.
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    anyone know about the gic concorrent classes?

    they take place at the gie, but its a planet thing?

    does the gie pass let you into the talks? or do you have to
    sign up seperately with planet for the gic classes for like 325?

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    Be at GIE on Thursday when you'll find out the winner of the Extreme Dream Contest! Go to the New Holland booth outside at 4pm.

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