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  1. Chuck Smith

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    Just wondering if you saw any new equipment or products at the show that might make our jobs easier? I know you mentioned Blizzard Plows in the other thread. Anything else catch your eye? Anyone else here attend the show and see anything worth discussing?

  2. Skookum

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    Blizzard was the only truck plow I seen other than Protech Pushers. There was a few plows for skidloaders, but all else was GREEN not WHITE!
  3. John Allin

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    A company called FFC has a snow pusher out, for skid steers and small loaders. They have an attachment that allows you to extend the bucket out to turn over the front of the pusher and then backdrag from doors. I told them I was afraid of the stress on the bucket cylinder and the weight distribution. They admitted you would need a backhoe loader or a very large skid steer (853 or bigger) to make the backdragging work.

    Some new V blades for skid steers from a new Swedish firm. Not much else in the way of snow stuff.

    Saw a great GPS system for satelite (sp??) tracking of trucks. $400 per truck plus $300 for software. I bought two units and the software to try it out. Can tell you the speed of the truck, where it stops, how long at each stop. I looked at a system a few years ago and it was $1000 per truck (big bucks). With competition and advances the cost has come down. They say they will have a unit next summer that will be able to tell you how long a plow us down and how long up (don't know if that info is useful, but.....).

    GPS was the biggest thing I saw that interested me.
  4. Toddppm

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    Who makes that GPS system you're talking about?(the cheaper one) My Brother inlaw works for a concrete co. that uses them , like you said big bucks, he caught one driver taking a 1 hr. McD's break , the guy tried to play it off till he showed him on the computer where he was, pretty cool. I'd love to use these for my crews. would have helped me catch a guy stealing work early instead of finding out the hard way and losing who knows how much money. Would be worth it if it gets more reasonable.
  5. John Allin

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    I'm at home now, and the stuff is at the office. When I get in tomorrow morning, I'll look up the information. I'm certain they have a web site and you'll be able to go look at what they have.
  6. John Allin

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