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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by kennc38, Oct 31, 2010.

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    I went to GIE to test out hydro and ride on aerators. I wanted to demo source1 plugr,lawn solutions,lt rich and turfco. The ride ons at 7,000+ cannot be justified at this point to only be used maybe 6 weeks a year. I had read alot about the lawn solution dual hydro and it is a great machine. Plugr pulls nice plugs but seems abit aggressive on turf. Then i come across the new Turfco hydro wb that has just been introduced. In my opinion this is the smoothest machine out there. It feels just like running a small walk behind mower. A question for those who have the Lawn Solution machine, do you ever have trouble with the chains or any other components under the deck?. The Turfco unit, if you look has very little underneath and the chains are on the outside and very easy to get to without lifting or raising up. If the Turfco unit pulls nice plugs(as someone mentioned the dirt was messed up and it was hard to tell) to me this is the unit i will buy. The one drawback to the Turfco is they will not be offering a sulky to stand on like the LS machine. If i am right the Turfco is about $1000.00 less also.

    I am sure i will need a ride on at some point and i did demo those also so i will comment. By far the coolest,easiest and most practical for any larger size property is the Lawn Solution hands down. But at $8500.00 you will need to do tons of aerating to justify that cost for a machine that only does 1 thing. The LT Rich has its place by being capable of doing a few other tasks other than aeration. The LT Rich machine is a beast probably not capable of doing smaller areas like i believe the LS machine would. LT Rich builds top quality stuff second to none. One product that did catch my interest was the Z-Rator. Yes, i know there are those on here that have called it junk and not worthy of a look but i saw it used it and think this thing works. Some don't like the gap between the two sets of tines but even if you have to go over the area 2 -3 times it's better than walking on large properties. Another plus is its an attachment that goes on your ZTR so you dont have a dedicated machine. The only thing that might keep me from buying could be the price. I believe it's around $2000.00 and i think it should be somewhere in the $1200.00-$1300.00 range. I am sure the Z-Rator will pull better plugs than all the awful tow behinds that you can never get enough weight on.
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    Thanks for the review. Is the Turfco front wheel drive? Some others that purchased the older lawn solutions hydro said that it did not do well in certain situations because it was front wheel drive. The Z Rator is waaay too expensive for what it is. $1000 would be high in my opinion. $2000 Noooooo waaaaaay.

    I have a Turfco spit drive and it is a good machine and pulls nice plugs, but just like the rest it will wear you out. I would like to get a hydro and not break the bank. Would love to have the ride on but can't justify the $8500 price tag. A few have said the Z Rator seemed to work well but for the price you might as well get the hydro walk behind, and with most around here in my neck of the woods giving away aeration's, I may just discontinue offering the service altogether. We will see in the spring how many $40 any size lawn signs there are out there.:laugh::laugh::laugh:

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    Yes, i believe the Turfco is front wheel drive and i would like to read of the issues that causes before i purchase. I also considered the split drum with sulky because i have 3 acres of my own that i want to aerate and the pull behinds i have used ( 3 different ones) just ain't gettin' the job done. And yes, your right the split drums are still rough to use. With the new hydro's everyone will look forward to aeration but not at $40.00.Let them have it.
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    I purchased a Lawn Solutions Ride-On Aerator for this Fall aeration season. Although I paid for it up front, I've already made my money back just this Fall. Can't wait till Spring and next Fall and the year after and the year after and the year after and the year after. Don't be scared by the price. Remember, in most markets, the price for an aeration is about 3x the mowing price. I own the single hydro and the ride-on. And will probably purchase the dual hydro in the future.
  5. GravelyGuy

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    It seems all the chains could be the down fall of the Lawn Solutions machines. The chains look heavy duty, but they look like they are going to get packed with mud.
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    The chains look heavy duty, but they look like they are going to get packed with mud.[/QUOTE]

    That was a concern of mine after looking at the underside of the LS at GIE. I know on my bluebird drum aerator the chain picks up all kinds of debris and will occasionally pop the chain off. Turfco machine only has tine assembly and gearbox housing underneath and they are completely separate as well. There is only 2 drive chains one on either side with a cover over each. I dont believe though that i have read any issues with the LS.
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    I've aerated over 100 lawns this Fall. No problem with mud/chains.
  8. LawnSolutionsCP

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    New Aerators at the EXPO from Lawn Solutions. To clear up some confusion on differences and pricing between models.

    21" Single Hydro ($3,250)
    *400 lbs down pressure over the tines
    *Adjustable plug depth (2-4")
    *0-4 mph forward; 0-2 MPH Reverse
    *Tightest turning in the industry without lifting tines.
    *Engines: Kohler, Honda, Briggs

    24" Dual Hydro ($4,250)
    *550 lbs down pressure over the tines
    *Adjustable plug depth (2-4")
    *0-5.5 MPH forard; 0-2 MPH Reverse
    *Operates just like a Commercial Mower
    *Great for walking or used with a Sulky
    *2.5 gal Fuel Capacity
    *13 HP Briggs Eng.

    Ride-on Aerator ($8,500)
    *1200 lbs down pressure over the tines
    *Adjustable plug depth from 0-5" on the fly while aerating
    *Automatic raise and lower the tines in 1/2 second when zero turning
    *0-7.5 mph aerating speed (2 Acre per hour capacity)
    *Easily aerate slopes up to 30 degrees up, down, or across.
    *Gentle enough for golf greens and powerful enough to pull 5" cores in clay.
    *Mutiple attachements coming for Spring 2011.

    Hope this clears up any questions about the differences between models.

  9. LawnSolutionsCP

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    Any comments on our "Super Modified" riding aerator at the EXPO. Couple of our engineering co-ops built it the night before. They asked and I told thems sure once everything is done for the show. I didn't even know they were bringin it until the morning of the show.

    The night before, starting at 10:00 PM, they went back to the shop and built the custom pipes and header..... I was impressed how well it sounded. They are aslo the ones who build the Mini Baja Racer that we had in our outdoor booth last year.
  10. kennc38

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    Thanks for the informatin David. Couple of questions:

    1. Are those prices from the factory direct? If so, what are the approximate shipping costs?
    2. Do you have any video of the actual plugs and plug pattern for the dual hyrdo?
    3. When will the dual hydros be available for purchase since you only did a limited production run this fall?


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