GIE+ / HNA Expo - Book Your Hotel Room Quick!


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Beaverton, OR
Wow! The GIE+ and HNA Expo sure got booked up quick this year. The main HNA hotel (Hyatt Regency) downtown and most of the other nice hotels that are down by 4th Street Live are all booked out already. I just barely got a room at The Brown Hotel, which I think only has 2 rooms left now.

Also, we need more guys from the West Side of the U.S. to attend! Almost everyone I met last year at GIE/HNA was from down South, Mid-West or East Coast. I couldn't find anyone from any of the Western States. I know it's a little more of an expensive trip coming from the Western States, but this Expo is so worth it!

Really looking forward to this year's show. If you haven't been before, take it from me, you gotta go! Absolutely HUGE show. And so much fun. The concerts at night and the night life down at 4th Street Live are great (except the fact that it's a total sausage fest). The outdoor mower and equipment demos are just fun as heck. And the indoor expo is so huge it will blow your mind. IMO, the classes offered are rather basic. I guess if you're new to the business they would be valuable. But other than the classes being a little lack-luster everything else about the event is awesome!

If you can find one, book a room downtown by 4th Street Live. That's where all the evening fun is.

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