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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by meets1, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. meets1

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    So what did you guys think of the show this year?

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    all the pics i have seen its been muddy and last night friends called from there and they were haveing a great time "what mud" :)
  3. Supper Grassy

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    i wish i was there it sounds like everyone hada good time
  4. JTF40

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    Lots of free hats and t-shirts for us !!!!!

    Had a good time, gathered lots of information, sore feet - LOTS of area to cover.

    We saw the remote-control 60" bank/slope mower - $38,000.00 !!!!!!!!!! :usflag:
  5. Supper Grassy

    Supper Grassy LawnSite Bronze Member
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    did you get any pictures of the mower sounds like a sweet one
  6. Imow4u2

    Imow4u2 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Show was Great, lots of mud outside.. I saw the overpriced slope mower I don't see how it could ever be justified at 38K.. out door demo area was top notch everything from mini Excavators to Buffalo Turbine 10,000 CFM blowers. The Stihl Ironjack team was a sight to see..

    I also met Art Evans in person and found some interest in their new decks with 2 inch overlap. I will have to demo the 35 h.p. yanmar with the 66, this may replace my Super when the time comes..

    I voiced some of my Concerns at The Hustler Booth with So/So results..

    Had a Good time and will attend next Year, Hell all the Free Laundry will cover even to walk-in admission of 50.00!!
  7. meets1

    meets1 LawnSite Gold Member
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    I don't know guys. Have you all gone to others over the years? Last one I went to was in St Loius 3-4 years. ago. I think that show was better but..

    At this show - I seemed to notice alot of foreign "stuff". I asked one guy who was selliing diamond blades for cut off saws how the price difference? He was selling $40 blades when my cheap blades cost me $100 and high end blades run up to $350. He kept telling me show special show special ( not much english) so I aksed if this blade flys apart - who is responible? I asked to see insurance card of some sort - he told me that he is foreign and did not need such a thing - I asked how he could sell them to me in the states and being so cheap - still waiting for the answer.

    Also being an equipment show - where were the trailers, more additional trucks with dumps, lifts etc. One guy inside had his red ford there and one guy outside with a ford dually.

    There seemed to me that there were alot of "parts" guys. A few of these guys told me that I could totally rebuild an engine and magic it becomes a honda cuz all there parts cross over.

    The landscape design programs - where were these guys? I seen 3 booths that tried to convience me that I needed to address my inventory. I am not a grocery store - maybe some of you guys are that large that you need this but not I.

    I found one guy with GPS but for $600 and $100 a month service fee - that was a little over kill for what I was looking for.

    I seen Cat, Deere, - good showing and knowledgable - but where was everyone else? Bobcat shows up with a T190 and S330 and mini ex and dingo unit - not a one in the booth could tell me anything about the new units - S185 and up with the 2 speed option? They told me it could be a while b/f you see this. I told them I have a new S205 with 2 speed as of 2 months ago - they all laughed and said couldn't be - you must not know your machine? What ever bobcat guys.

    Toro / exmark guys seem to really go at each other. Each one is better than the other. Well I took exmark's spindle to toro's booth and after lookiing at each unit - the toro guy finally said yes exmark has a better spindle cuz the TORO compnay beleives that expark should be held to ahigher standard among commercial cutters where as toro in middle of the road to farmers, com cutters and residential. Pumps, frames, all the same - gas tanks, decks, spinldes all different. I like toro's deck design better but that was about it. Exmark and toro guys told me this - exmark 37% mrt share, toro 27% mrk share - this is strictly mower units. This doesn't account for toro golf course division. But one toro exc. who I talked to (cuz I complanied about there mower and the guy told me to talk to this man) told me that exmark is looking at a suspension system, there front mount deck is exclusive exmark while toro is exclusive to the new stander. He also told me that Husky is in talks with Toro company in regards to the Res. - commercial line leaving Toro with the golf course division stuff and irrigation. Later on at Husky - the guy asked what I use and I tell 8 toro machines - he told me it won't be long before I start filling out credit apps for him.

    I did like the hydro seeding stuff so who ever can tell me about this buisness would be great cuz I thinking of adding this next year.

    I realize this is a lawn show but I still would of liked to see more snow equipment. 3 booths with plows and sanders. That was about it.

    I also did not like the fact that when looking at equipment out of the blue here comes some lady asking to dontate money to some cause. What is that about? Keep that seperate or outside when us guys walk in. I had like $5 bucks on me - enough to buy a drink or two while at the show.

    I enjoyed the show - seen some new stuff. The outside demo area was MUDDY but I did demo a few things I wanted to see. But the foreign guys have no biz on that equipment. I seen them lay an exmark mower on its side - they put a Deere skid on its back end, they take pics. with a tape measure to replica that one piece of equipment - they were dangerous!

    Other than that - that is my story.
  8. fergman

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    eb8520 yes i said 20:) and gator magnum TWISTED trimmer line. the one with the kevlar in it.
  9. Weedburner

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    I had the opportunity to spend a couple days at the show this year. There were a lot of great displays. Some of the companies put some time and effort into their booths. Cat, Deere, Ariens, Briggs and Koehler all had nice displays. Koehler gave away free brats in the lobby, since they never had an outdoor booth because of the mud. The free concerts downtown at Fourth street didn't work out real well. If you were not a special guest, there was no where to set. Hopefully that moves back to the exhibit hall next year. Would have liked to see a few more tractor attachments. Did add several items to my shopping list this year. Have plans to buy an areator and got several ideas.

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