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    Hello, I'm very new to this REO property stuff and everything landscape in general. Myself and a buddy decided to do some subcontract work for a company here locally ( mow and blow they called it ). We basically completed minor yardwork, took before, during and after shots. We both very much enjoyed the work and wanted to continue. However, this company turned out to be very unprofessional and a waste of both our time.

    What we we're looking for is weekend jobs. We are both full time working professionals during the week and we'relooking for some additional money on the weekends.

    We are both very hard working, very professional and very reliable. The contractor did say that we accomplished in one weeknd what it took a month to train his guys. No that you need to hear this, but just so you know we are not a couple of fly by night individuals.

    Anyway, if anyone in the Phx, Az metro are or surrounding area has this kind of work availble, I would be very appreciative to hear from you.

    Thank you in advance for your time..

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