GIMME A MATCH! 6.5TD stalls!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by fullmetalbucket, Feb 22, 2010.

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    make sure that you relocate the PMD too. I'd go though the whole fuel system, having owned a one that had a pinhole leak. ACTUALLY, I'm thinking you may have an issue in your tank, that would explain the issues when you move the truck. I know that the 6.5 have a sock over the fuel pickup that can become clogged and create issues
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    I never thought about the pickup... I had a similar problem 2 years ago and eventually found the tiniest pinhole leak at the pickup right in front of the bracket the 2 tubes are attached to... replaced it and was fine after that. Difference then was that it would run and drive fine but under load, IE. trailer with Bobcat, it would starve a bit and eventually stall, this time is more severe.... Since there seems to be a few guys here with the 6.5's I'll post what the problem is when I get it figured out....
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    i had this problem a month or so ago. i just replaced the fuel tank and then i took it out on a ride and blew a coolant crossover and truck sat for a week till i could get the part.

    before the coolant part broke it would stall out if it idled for some time at stop lights or after talking to a customer but it would start up right after i tried to restart it.

    so i got my new coolant part on and was ready to start her up and put it to work when all it did was start and die start and die. it sounded like a pop corn maker too which was not good. i brought it to the shop and they replaced the oil pressure switch and a dry rotted fuel line and it has been great since. i can idle it all night and go out and it wont stall like it used to.

    i know you said you did that already but from my experience thats what it took to fix my issue.

    its a good truck dude, ill take it off your hands if you dont want it.

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