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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FuzzyOne, Jan 31, 2006.

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    I've been cutting part time for several years. Totally legitimate. The past few years I have been slowly giving away my accounts to friends in areas that took too long with travel time. I have since reduced from 20 to 10 this past season.

    I've decided to stop cutting all together for 2006. (Pending a meeting will my accountant) Kids are getting older (8 and 2) and I found little free time for my bike and boat even with the 10 remaining accounts. In all honesty, it was never about the money for me. I enjoyed cutting and the exercise.

    Last season I stopped and got to BS'ing with a local full service landscape company. I basically interviewed him without him knowing it. :cool: I watched his work, as he did mine, and commented about how he was having a tough time picking up extra accounts in the development I do. I ended up getting his business card and told him I may be in touch.

    Now here's the question. Is it customary to give the accounts away for free to somebody I don't know. Friends in the business say they should be sold at the cost of one months service. I'm undecided as I was thinking about maybe making some type of agreement that if I decide to get back into it, than he has to give me either the same accounts back or an equal amount of monthly income. I've worked hard to get these accounts and I know they will be surprised when I call it quits.

    Any input would be appreciated. I've already decided on the company, so please don't PM me for info. :p
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    First I would talk with your customers,they don't like being(sold) out of the blue.I would try to get anything you can for these properties esp. if they have been good clients.I would try to do some homework if you can in case you need to jump back in the field later(you need to keep your repitation).Another avenue is can you sub out the work or hire someone for a day or two each week and keep the tax write off's etc???If you are just plain tired of it then get all you can and walk awaypayup :drinkup:

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