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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bassman, Jun 5, 2001.

  1. Bassman

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    This is directed more to newbies... Vets already know.
    When going out to a prospect and giving an estimate, stick with your quote. Figure how long you think that property will take and then use your minimum hourly operating charge to come up with a price. If it's yearly, in my part of the country, I estimate 40-44 visits X price per cut divided by 12. Full service add on for shrub/plant trimming, pruning, etc. Weed control, fertilizing, etc.
    If you come down in price because of the prospect haggling over $$, you not only appear unprofessional, you are selling your self short and it will stick with you every time you service that property.
    Much more so with yearly accts.
    Just a word to the wise.
    Been in this situation too often and have remedied that personal flaw. Work hard, give superior service, expect fair compensation. The prospects that say "The lawn service that I used to have charged so and so". Well, why are'nt they still doing it? Probably because the're out of business, (or they weeded that customer out to make room for more profitable accts.). After you have a good, solid base of customers, it's very easy to just "walk", and say "Thanks for calling, good luck and have a great day".
  2. eskals

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    I hate to admit this, but I have done a bit of haggling. People like to get a deal, or more specifically, they like to think they are getting a deal. So, when I talk with a customer that I think will give a hard time on the price I quoted, I add a bit to my ideal price and give it to them. Then if they want to haggle, you can come down a bit (obviously never go below the ideal price). That way, if they accept off the bat, you are earning a bit more than you hoped to. If they want to haggle, you come down a bit and the customer thinks, "Hey I got a deal."

    Often times, I take this approach with people of Middle Eastern Decent. They like to haggle. Its apart of their culture. In the US we think it is rude to haggle over price, but to them it is something they have always done.

  3. Randy Scott

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    I can see both sides of the coin on this one but I prefer to go with Bassman. I set a price and it stays. I understand the point eskals is making but prefer the other route currently. Maybe my approach will change after awhile, who knows!
  4. lawnman_scott

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    I agree with bass, i used to "haggle", but dont have to anymore. Most will pay the higher price anyway. If they are people of mid eastern decent i run like crazy, just ask yellowpages77 what he does.
  5. Lawn DOG

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    I have found that haggling shows weakness and uncertainty. Stick to your prices. If we let them tell us what they well pay us then what the heck are we doing in business for ourselves.

    I do agree with Bassman.

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