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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ant, Oct 16, 2000.

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    and old friend stoped me today and informed me that he now works as a salesman for "uhs"(united horticultural supply) that has a warehouse about 1/2 hr. away from me and would like for me to "at lease" give uhs a try.
    when i got started in fertilization 7 years ago he was the one that gave me the break that i needed . (a credit line)
    back then the company that he was with was not managed propertly and it folded and he had to go else were.
    lesco was the only one around,i started to do business with them and its been good. EXCEPT THERE PRICE STRUCTURE,
    uhs price is a lot cheaper,but i do not know much about the product. i am talking about FERTILIZER only.
    for the same product analysas it is $5.84 more per bag at lesco then uhs. thats 233 dollars per ton more.
    do not know what to do
    i know lesco will adjust prices but should i stoop that low,and give them the benifit.
    this is what i was going to do .i donot know anything about uhs fertilizer,but i was going to try some and see what it like .one thing is that as far as i know you cant beat lesco's fertilizer.(dust free, pril sgn the same size,good bags ect...

    what do you guys think who purchase fertilizer on a
    "so-so"large scale.
    thanks anthony

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    I use UHS or here they are UAP, I love their products! A bag will go 2500 ft. further, their urea with polymer is way slow release. They also carry speciality products at good prices, and their Fe ature AC (iron urea in liquid) is way cheaper than ferromec and goes farthur. Plus their Wintergreen allowed me to reduce mowing in the fall (gotta love that!), give 'em a try if only at your own home!
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    Do they actually have a website, perhaps, that we can use, unlike Lesco's top secret one page site?
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    I don't like to be "married" to any supplier. I but from a few different ones. Also, know your prices. 2.5 Roundup Pro is $167@Lesco. At another local supplier, $129. SAme product.
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    This is what I did. Lesco kept going up, so I started buying from a company called Atlantic. I had about twenty bags of Atlantic on my truck and swung through the Lesco drive through to pick up somthing I had previously ordered.
    When they saw the fertilizer, they asked what was the problem. Long story-short,they matched Atlantic's price and I'm a small operator.
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    after giving it some thinking i called lesco and explained to them what was going on,recieved a call this morning and GOOD NEWS:lesco matched there price,but i still feel that i had to kiss there but and i feel bad for my friend that gave me a good price from the start.i guess the best thing to do is give both some business.
    what do you think?

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    it just goes to show you that compition IS a good thing.
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    Still, I would recommend trying UAP if even at your own home.It pays to check out what other programs people have as well as products.If they were lower to begin with maybe after awhile their prices will be lower than lesco's, you never know! Choice is a good thing!

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