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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Hamons, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. fblandscape

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    That is really sharp :) There are just a few things I might suggest that you add.

    1) weed and insect management, possibly the whole thing just being stated as "turf pest management?"

    2) logos of any trade associations you belong to.

    3) overseeding, de-thatching, soil testing, etc.

    I would give the logos the most importance though.
  2. fblandscape

    fblandscape Banned
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    1 more thing. Check out what you have pluralized and what you don't.

    Lawn Care Program---- no S

    Lawn Renovation---- no S

    Core Aerations---- S
  3. OBKB

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    First thing I think when I see a braodcast spreader is OH! Yuk!
    I'm gonna get stuff on my feet, the children are going to get in it and the four leggers are gonna bring it in the house. You know how we city folks think don't ya. Not in your best interest in my opinion.
  4. work_it

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    That's sharp! Hope it ropes a lot of business for you. When you say that you're going to hand deliver these does that mean you're going to hand them to individuals door to door? If so, it also sounds like a great marketing plan. Wouldn't be suprised if you land some new accounts on the spot.

    Only other thing I would add is the amount of insurance you carry along with your aplicators license number.
  5. Team Gopher

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    Hi Hammons,

    I would like to see another image of your ad with a different font for the "Do you want the nicest lawn.." part. Just to see how a different font would compare and contrast :)
  6. hortboy

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    I like the artwork, one thing you may want to consider, I know the laws here in NY require me to follow the label very closely including wearing proper protective equipment PPE. For me looking at your ad and seeing the guy in shorts, t-shirt and sneakers you may get an unwanted phone call from your local DEC . I would atleast have him wear long pants and and a long sleeve shirt and maybe a pair of rubber pull-over boots.

    Just a suggestion
  7. Turf Medic

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    Fantastic, wouldn't change a thing.

    The shorts and tennis shoes make you look more approachable, and if the local DEC is going to check you out because of your picture on the card, they aren't going to be sharp enough to be any problem.

    Most of your customers aren't going to know the difference between a drop spreader and a broadcast spreader. And it looks bigger and different than the spreader their uncle bob is using

    Leave the insect and weed instead of changing to turf pests, some people won't link weeds to turf pests.

    If anything I might lose the s on the core areations.

    I usually don't like to advertise the insurance, will provide proof if asked by the customer, but don't need to have them thinking about any possible downside of using chemicals on their lawns.

    Professional logos are nice but probably aren't that important to your customers, and might make the card too busy. Right now it is direct and to the point.
  8. bobbygedd

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    very nice looking. but, 5 bills for 1000 pieces seems like alot of money.
  9. BSDeality

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    that also included the design ( i think thats what he said)
  10. KenH

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    When I first read this response I thought it was BS, but the more I look at your ad, (and your previuos ads) the more I tend to agree. The spreader implies a fert/chemical image. You are going to get the image of "the guy with the spreader." Have you ever tried to substitute something else in the pic instead, ie a dog, or a child holding a ball??

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