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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Hamons, Sep 2, 2003.

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    Hort no doubt that add would pose a problem in New York. Pants would be the only necessity. Though if fertilizing, I don't recall the label saying anything about getting the product down your boot....:eek:
  2. GLAN

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    You had a different add not that long ago. What happened to that one?

    Hope these are only proofs and your not paying for each....;)
  3. Hamons

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    $500 does include the design. Printing is around $300.

    The other ad runs in a local gardening newspaper. It is currently running and getting good response. This ad is a separate ad which will be distributed door to door.

    With the shorts, I was trying to give the friendly approachable feeling. Obviously I can only wear shorts when doing fertilizer only applications. I keep a pair of long pants and boots in the truck that I occasionally have to throw on when doing spot spraying.

    I think showing a spreader is fine. If someone was going to be put off bya spreader coming on their lawn -- then they are probably not the right customer for me.

    I struggle a little with listing of services. I don't want to add so many that it reads like a menu -- I could go on and on. Weed control, verticutting, dethatching, compost topdressing, etc etc etc.

    For the blank area --- I think I am going to write real short introductory paragraph that will just state a little bit about what my business and how it can help them.

    Thanks for the input fellas -- I appreciate it. Keep it coming.

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    for the open space

    Free Soil Analysis
    with each new 6 app contract
    or something similar
    i have good response with this offer and i need to take a soil sample anyway so i tell them it is free and they think they got a deal
    i would however try to remove the second image of u pushing the spreader it is a little redundant great idea hope it works good luck
  5. Black Water

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    Looks like i can't afford you.:D No seriously, it looks very professional. Nice job.
  6. fblandscape

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    After reading some of the other replies about the graphics I too would suggest something like a family having a BBQ or playing ball or something like that, playing with a pet, etc. on a nice green lawn for the main photo. Have you pushing the spreader in the corner there, and have you kneeling down with the spreader on the back.
  7. KenH

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    I didnt mean the spreader as a bad thing, it just puts out a negative "I get your lawn green through the use of all these chemicals." After all, you are selling yourself and your knowledge, not just your ability to push a spreader and apply chemicals. Think about Dunkin Donuts having a commercial of a guy all strung out on you think it would be successful??? (even though we all know its the main reason we want coffee to begin with.)
  8. Hamons

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    I have though about your comments and I agree that is puts too much emphasis on the spreader -- and not enough on a high quality lawn. I'm going to take out me kneeling next to the spreader and replace it with me kneeling in some very lush nice grass. Same effect -- more emphasis on the lawn.

    Then we are going to work the back so that it will include a few more services and a brief statement about what I can do for their lawn.
  9. Green in Idaho

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    I like it.

    At first I thought GREAT no problems. Then I read the post about the spreader and I agree.

    If that is a pic of you. That's a nice touch too. If it's not you, find a digital and be a model.

    I would agree w/ a picture of you knealing in a lush turf instead. Most hiomeowners wouldn't care about spreader, sprayer, or whatever, just the lush lawn and THAT is what you are selling along with YOU.

    For the blank space LEAVE IT.
    1) Allows you to mail some those babies.
    2) Allows a hand-written note for delivering door-to-door.

    In fact get in touch with a bulk mailer and use their bulk permit. Then include the bulk permit indices in the upper right corner when you print them. THEN you can mail some and hand some out.

    On the back it says somthing the way to nice lawn is quality product..... Drop the exclamation point. It's not that exciting of a statement no need for exclaming.

    It's definitely professional and a great example for all.
  10. Hamons

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    I'd like more information on the bulk mailing option. I really don't know anything about it. Seems expensive though and would get sent to alot of houses that wouldn't even look at it anyway. Since I am solo op I alos don't want to get hit with 50,000 calls and spend all mt time running to houses for price shoppers.

    What has your expereince been with bulk mailing?

    I'll a search on lawnsite when I get a chance.
    - jeff

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