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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by WHIPPLE5.7, Mar 29, 2007.

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    First off I'd like to say what nice website this is and I'm glad I found it. I've been sick of my current job for a couple years now and decided to do something about it. I'm a service manager for a rental store and what I do isn't so much what I don't as is the other people there who don't want to work and they always just stand around all day waiting for their free paycheck. I decided to start my own business doing lawncare and landscaping. I did some stonework,retaining walls, brick patio, etc. around my own house last year and I'd like to do that kind of stuff for a living. In my area powerraking is huge so I ordered 2 brand new yard marvel powerrakes, a little wonder lawn edger, I need ideas on a decnt riding mower but was thinking of staying away from zero turn for the cost factor. I still want to get another good walkbehind mower. I decided not to start until this winter (snow removal)because I want to get caught up on my bills first with my jobs wages. I'm going to have all new equipment and I've been repairing and mantaining this kind of equipment for a few years now and I know where to get parts cheap so I think I may have an advantage over some others. I plan on charging about halfway between the major lawn outfits and the litle guys who don't own much or have very very used equipment. I own 2 pickups and 2 trailers(wish 1 was a dumpbed).Please clue me in on some things I need to do.
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    Only advice I'd give you is don't strive to be the guy priced in the middle.

    You're buying a bunch of new equipment, you need to pay for it. You might pay for it up front, but there's maintenance and REPLACEMENT cost when that equipment dies.

    If you think you can do a good job, get on the upper end of the price scale. You'll get less jobs but at the same time to less work and make the same amount of money as if you were doing more work at lower prices.
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    ^^ Yeah, he's right. If I were you, I'd set my goals a little higher. After all, you have to pay for gas, insurance, equipment, employees (if you decide to have any), etc. Some people won't hire you because the price is too high, but they are the people you don't want to deal with in the first place... so it works out.

    Other than that, I would just get a 32" Exmark walk behind mower for your first commercial mower. The reason being: Riders can't get into back yards. The 32" can get into most gates, and for the ones it doesn't get into, you should have a regular walk behind mower.

    Good luck.

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