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    I've been trying to think of some new ways to pick up customers, and I thought about doing this. Advertising in all the local papers that every 15th new customer that signs a contract with me will get free lawn mowing for a month, or something like that. Has anyone here tried anything like this and had any success with it? What does everyone think?

    Jeremiah Babb
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    personally it wouldn't work here...I actually think that you would get some people upset or some people that would just use you for that free month. Because just imagine, someone is calling you up hoping to be the 15th customer, but they aren't so they say goodbye then. Or what happens when they are the 15th customer, and they receive a months worth of mowing, and then they say see you later.

    I just don't think that it would work. Try maybe giving all new customers a percentage off the first month, so you are not totally losing money and still making people happy.

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