Giving a bid, two guys vs. one guy

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by nick-bigfootlawn, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. nick-bigfootlawn

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    Question for you guys who have been in this longer than I. I have a partner in business, and we were wondering whether we should do bids together, or whether just send one guy out to give the bid. My opinion is that two persons giving a estimate, makes them company weak, like neither of you know what your doing.

    I think of it like this, if someone came to give me an estimate on a roof or some siding for my home, I would respect someone coming out solo more than two guys, would just feel/seem better to me, a guy coming solo you think "he must know what he's doing", but two guys out you would think "why do they need two guys to give me an estimate?" but maybe I just think like this.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but was just wondering your guys opinions.
  2. green-pa

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    I'm new but I would say to use just one guy. For one, if 2 are there it looks like u are being more intimidating to the customer, unless he's got a big family there with him. And it also makes u look more like u know what u are doing if u just send one guy. Why would u need 2 guys to do an estimate unless it was an extremely large property and then maybe save time by having one guy est the front and then one on the back. Just my 2c :waving:
  3. nick-bigfootlawn

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    thanks for your reply
  4. ncls

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    Hell, have 5 guys look it over. Put your heads together, and then have ONE person talk to the customer. that person is the salesman. Sell the job.
  5. tdkx

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    Have other people with you who know what is going on when you take the initial look at the property. I looked at a large commercial irrigation install and I had one other guy with me earlier this evening. We had a Request For Proposal in hand with site plans and we still need to go back with another of our install managers. We were able to generate a number of questions for the requestor of the proposal that need to be answered before any bid is submitted. We didn't do any sales pitch as we went and looked around unannounced. We aroused some suspicion of the residents near the area but because we are uniformed and had paperwork we were OK and even welcomed. We looked professional and we got some inside info from some people this way as well. When we feel comfortable, we will send one guy to make a proposal with paper in hand. The other who posted suggested the same and I agree. And just because you get a RFP doesn't mean you want that job. Look and act professional always.
  6. nick-bigfootlawn

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    It's residential, not commercial, it's nothing one guy couldn't bid on his own, it's just that if I saw two guys, it would make me think they were unprofessional and unknowledgeable.
  7. topsites

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    The only thing I can say is if you can help it, whoever plans on doing the work ought to be who is estimating, I think that may save you some aggravating each other if that makes sense. Way we used to do it, one person estimates and the other is a silent witness (and I mean silent), and whoever is estimating does all the talking and it should be obvious but basically the quiet guy is like moral support or a trainee or someone not very important at all and stays in the background (i know it sounds dumb but)...
    What this does still helps, allowing for later review in a mutual way can help improve things and both of you learn from one another, while the issue of tag teaming a customer is either completely avoided or considerably reduced.
  8. Big M LawnnSnow

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    I take a guy with me when it's a large job or if I have a guy available.
    Two sets of eyes are better than one. You can miss alot of things by yourself and It's alot easier when measuring beds or walkways to have a guy with you to write down the square feet ect.

    SILVERSTREAK INC LawnSite Senior Member
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    normally i pick up every job i go out to bid on...when i meet the customer on his property to talk about the work.

    ive experimented both ways and i gotta say, 2 guys meeting the customer has never worked out for me, even when it was just a laborer i had with me who was silent the whole time other than a hello and handshake, dont know why but every time ive had an extra head with me on an estimate...never got a call back

    now if i have to run an estimate during the day ill have the guys sit in the truck or drop them off to work before i run the estimate.....

    it did work out however a few times when ive had my brother with me....
    explaining that its a family business i operate and that my brother does all the hardscaping whereas i do the landscaping and maintenance.....the customer was looking for a paver patio as well as landscape installs so it benefited us.

    good luck
  10. Duekster

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    I have done it both ways. It really depends.

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