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Here's another question for somebody. I've also had this happen to me a couple of times this past year.

When you give a bid/estimate for grass cutting or even bigger projects, do you guys/gals call the customer up a week or so after you've given the estimate if you haven't heard from them.

Or are you so busy that it doesn't bother you if you don't get a couple of estimates a year?

Basically I want to know what everybody does if they don't get an estimate.


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I always ask the customer to tell me when I can meet them on their property. If they won't commit to meet me face to face, I have a pretty good idea they're either not serious or they're getting multiple bids. I've just about stopped bidding those types of opportunities all together. I think I closed one non-face-to-face proposal in all of 2003. My close percentage on non-face-to-face proposals was horrible.

When I meet the customer face to face, I go over the services I offer and ask them to sign up. They'll generally sign about 50% of the time. If they don't sign up while I'm there, they usually don't sign up at all. I think it's important to ask the customer for their business while you're there in person.

Typically, I don't follow up on non-wins. Maybe I should, but I just don't. However, on occassion, they'll call me back and sign up a few days later.

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If it is for something more than just mow and blow, I will send a bid if they request. But I tell them that I will need to walk the property, and someone should be there to show me everything. This requires some action on their part. I don't say no, just that someone must show me around. Normally, the person will HAVE to be there, because no one else knows what they want. Also put a price is good for 30 days on anything over $1,250.00.

P.S. Landed my first job of the year today, $1,675.00 for about 3 acres of clearing. Now if they other 5 would get back to me with a "GO" I will be livin large.

P.S.S. I am not full time.



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yeah i would certainly call thm back
if the customer acts annoyed then they are probaly going to be bad clients or they are interested in someone else and you
won't get it anyways never hurts to ask it shows that you care enough for their buisness that will take the time to make a follow up call. people like promptness and the fact that you are willing to take your time and give it to them
If you send or fax them your bid , i normally call to confirm that they received it and ask them if they had an opportunity to review it.
I agree with the others, that if the potential client won't meet you at the property chances are they already have someone in mind and are using you to satisfy a 3 bid requirement.