Giving pre-season discounts.

Green Acres

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I was thinking of giving a 10% discount to new customers if they schedule there lawn and landscape needs now. That way I would have an idea of how much work I will have this spring and could do scheduling now and get all the supplies around and ready and get any new tools if I need them. Also I wouldn't have to compete against three or four other bids to get the job. Just wanted to see what everyone thought or if anyone has done anything like this.


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West Haven, CT
We don't discount landscape jobs, but we do offer a 5% seasonal pre-pay discount for lawn maintenance contracts. If we send out contracts out in February/March we expect full payment by April for the total amount of the contract minus 5%, plus sales tax. I think that 10% is too generous. We tried it at first, about 4 years ago, and there was really no difference between the customers who took it for 5% versus 10%.

Before you consider discounts, make sure you get signed contracts for the work. I really don't know how you could discount landscaping work now, not knowing availabilty or prices of material. It would be quite dangerous to discount too much work, so I advise being cautious.