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Gizmow mower reviews

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:usflag:Bought Gizmow mower late in season only mowed a few larger yards but had trouble with the steering the bushings on the steering shaft worked there way up and locked up the steering. Would like to get reviews from other owners.
Thanks Kevin
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I've had a Gizmow for several years now (27/61) and have only had one issue. One of the steering chains popped off after I hit an unseen and pretty deep hole at nearly full speed. It was a pretty easy fix.

I did change it over to turf tires though - the ag tires it came with are great for traction, but they will also tear the turf if you're not paying attention. The turf tires are a little easier on the grass.

Otherwise it's still running well, mowing great, and chugging right along.
We've never had a dealer near us - we bought it directly from the factory. Mechanically they're not that complicated so I felt that if something did go wrong I could handle most anything on my own. But, knock on wood, so far no major issues.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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