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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Gravel Rat, May 29, 2007.

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    It looks like our building boom has come to a significant drop off. The excavation contractors are not doing much work and the building contractors are finishing jobs.

    The one subdivision I was counting on for work is in paper work h*ll maybe next year some sales and building will happen. Any residential building is delayed weeks and months because of the new building regs. Anything now has to be engineered even building a frigging garden shed needs engineering.

    These engineers are fooling around dragging things out so they can fill their own pockets. Its taking 2 months to get a building permit from the muni and I can't remember what a permit costs but its up to 1000 dollars to start.

    The engineers have been telling people one thing then come back later oh that won't pass you need to change it. They are making house foundations overkill just to cover their azz. The project I'am helping a guy on is come to a halt because the engineer can't make up their mind. Can't do anything else untill the guy finds another engineer.

    It looks like I made the right decision and stick with the gov't and didn't buy into the hype that this area will keep booming. One of the veteran developers that has seen booms like this one and he was right he said 4 years and its been about that.

    My own business is slow I may end up selling my truck I bought for something smaller. The only landscaping work going on now is lawn mowing and even at that people are squaking at the prices. I got out of lawn mowing for that reason. Not much junk removal at all even my regular contractors haven't phoned me. The guys I haul lumber for have no work the one guy I haul for I haven't even seen around not sure if he is even cutting lumber.

    I laugh every time I see ads on TV about trying to get younger generation in the trades. The gov't keeps promoting it saying you will have steady jobs.

    The way I'am looking at it now I have a boring job but atleast I'am working the contractor I worked for has barely enough work to keep the guys going even doing make work projects.

    I'am so glad I didn't buy a tandem axle dump it would be parked there isn't enough work. Some of the contractors have sunk themselves into debt buying new equipment must be feeling the squeeze of the payments :laugh:
  2. Gravel Rat

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    Went to go talk to the guy today I'am driving truck for to see if he wanted more hauling done. He said the project is stopped for now he doesn't want to spend anymore money until a engineer can give him a straight answer.

    He is going to need to find somebody else to drive the truck because I won't have anymore time to drive for him.
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    I see you are back on HEF. Did you and Steve kiss and make up?
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    I don't know I seen my user name worked so I went back but this time no arguing :laugh:

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