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    Glad to be a new member of, I have 17 yrs experience in the Green Industry. A little about myself born and raised in Indianapolis , Indiana a 2003 grad of Purdue University, I am married have a 3 year old daughter. I am currently employed at Becker Landscape Contractor Inc. going into my 7th season at Becker. My current position is Winter Services Manager for Becker and over see about 1.2 million in revenue. When the snow isn't flying I over see the turf program and production of 3-5 mowing crews and enhancement crews. New and exciting news I is we are "ALL-IN" with the Holganix organic fertilizer this year at Becker. A RAD600 unit from Holganix is the size of refrigeration unit we will be pulling from. We have heard nothing but good news about the Holganix product. We do about 18 million in commercial turf sq-ft and 5 million in residential. I am really excited about this program and hope the transition is smooth. Its a 100% spray program. We currently have 3-Z spray max's with hopefully 2 new Z-max's with 3-25 gallon tanks to come. (LT RICH) I can't believe how fast the season is approaching. Spring clean up have began and dormant oils too. We still are hoping for one more major snow to cap of what as been a mild winter. Just for the 7.2" on the day after X-mas and 4.2' following Saturday that's been it for us for pushing. Salting events have been pretty good this year. The way we started the winter season, we all were like big it on with nothing to speak of last year. Well, that's things in a nut shell and look forward to answering any questions that one my have or getting useful information from -Matt

    p.s. - Anyone who has or currently using Holganix your feedback is wanted.
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    Yes friend of mine used Holganix and I used SumaGreen Turf. Only differences we had all last year was the price and the electric bill they seem to forget to tell you about.

    Holganix was three times as much when you talk about price. The prices on paper may seem like the same but when you look at the treatments Holganix 7-9 oz per 1000 sq/ft and Sumagreen 3 oz per treatment. Yes three times as much plus Holganix NEEDS fertilizer so not sure where you get ORGANIC!

    All I know is my friend switched because results were the same on the grass with the exception that Holganix was three times as much and he had to spend extra money on electric bill and and the extra fertilizer.

    I am not going to lie I did add 1/4 pound (1/8 and 1/8 pound of fert) for the entire season in Jersey. Sumagreen said I did not need any fertilizers but I wanted to have a quicker greening up in the Spring. My lawns are already greening up quicker then in previous years and right now it is 30 degrees outside today.

    Not sure how you guys operate but we work on the bottom line numbers. Mine were very nice compared to the numbers I would of had using Holganix. Hope it works out for you but if your company is looking to make a larger bottom line then I suggest you look into Sumagreen Turf.

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