Global Warming effecting your business....

So how much is "Global Warming" effecting your business? The environmentalists and tree huggers sit behind a computer all day and don't even work outside enough to "feel a difference" in the climate, yet cities have already banned leaf blowers in certain areas.

I keep seeing signs, petitions, and this and that in our area to ban leaf blowers from these sit in the air conditioner environmentalists, yet their lies get old day after day. We set record temperatures for the lowest temps. in the summer throughout many places in the United States yesterday. Heck we're in Texas, we see temps. of 105-110 this time of year, and we've yet to hit 100 degrees this year in the summer time. Where is the global warming? Yet, if we have a slight climate change five years down the road all of a sudden we will be having a "global warming" again. What happen to global warming this year?

Just ranting about all these "Ban Leaf Blower" signs around here. :hammerhead:


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But if you talk to them the record lows are a result of global warming. Lucky I haven't seen the signs to ban leaf blowers here in va.
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But if you talk to them the record lows are a result of global warming. Lucky I haven't seen the signs to ban leaf blowers here in va.
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From my understanding, if we have hot weather, it's due to global warming.
If we have cold weather it's due to global warming. If we have rain, it's due to global warming. If we have a hurricane, it's due to global warming. Some people have more time then they know what to do with. I (myself) find it funny that most of these "tree huggers" are the ones that don't hug the tree's because their too busy inside in the air conditioner signing petitions talking about how it's getting warm outside.

All this aside, this is the coolest summer I've seen since I was born.:laugh:
Let's just hope the cutting season isn't cut short. I had a old wise customer tell me how he thinks it's going to be a short summer. I don't need that because I'm having to pay for a new truck engine this year. :/
I don't know if the weather spikes are a cause of "global warming" I am not a scientist. But the record breaking snow in Michigan last year put us on our ass a bit. The mild summers are great though. I think we only had a handful of 90 degree days this year and last year with intermittent rain in there to keep things green. Years prior there was always August being a dry dead month with little rain and 90 degree days.

So if "GW" is the cause of this then yes it has.


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If this is global warming. i love it. i have had some of the most pleasant summers the past few years. we have had 1 90deg day all summer.
Couple things, I worry more about El nino and El nina events. Forgot what they are called in the Atlantic ocean.

Those currents effect weather more than global warming...... just about green weanies trying to blame something that happened 100's of years earlier. Something that earth goes through cycles.

Blower Bans.....
The issue is not so much pollution, but the noise they create.

Been dealing with this crap for a few years. Its a CA thing. When cities tried to do complete blower bans, Echo and other manufactures took them to court those things did get thrown out(gas vs electric, plus municipal employee's were exempt). However, the courts did say however that you can restrict hours, restrict decibel and such things like that.

So for example, the city of Burlingame says you can only use blowers on a particular day in each zone of the city, can't exceed 68 dcb, and can only work with them from 8 am- 4.30 pm. m-f, Saturday, 9am-3pm and sunday 10 am-3pm. On Saturday, it doesn't matter what zone, just operation hours.

Lets just say that I took advantage of this ordinance and I charge premium prices to work in this area. Why? I cite the ordinance as the main reason. It restricts my schedule so if It rains or something to that effect, I have work on Saturday and pay overtime to my crew.

Cost of living is so high here that people pay for it anyways.


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There is no Globull warming.

Everything the EPA has imposed on the lawn industry has the oppsite effect of its intention.

Small engines now flood and are hard too start rusulting in increased emissions.

Everyone knows what a joke the gas cans are.

Havent herd about the ban on leaf blowers, however Im nearly positive fertilizers will soon be banned.


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GW is a bs scam lol

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