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Global Warming


LawnSite Senior Member
Central NJ
Just my thoughts on the global warming subject. How come all these &quot;meteoroligists&quot; can tell us without a doubt that all this doom and gloom is &quot;definately&quot; coming in the next two decades or longer but yet cant tell me what my weather will be next tuesday with any real accuracy.<p>


LawnSite Gold Member
DANG! after all this gloom and doom, I need another colorful caribbean drink. I'm glad I saved that umbrella!<p>GEO


LawnSite Member
Atlanta, GA
Global Warming:<p>One of Bill and Al's favorite buzz terms. Just another excuse to increase the size of government. If you turned it all over to the EPD they would have us farting in reclaimation machine to filter out the gas.<p>I remember as a kid (in the early 70s) the scientists were crying another ice age. And lets not forget the fuel shortages of the late 70s when the government and scientists said if we don't do something we will run out of fuel. <p>I heard the stat on the radio the other day that at the current rate of consumption, we have enough crude oil to last another 3000 years.<p>Globel Warming? Could be?<p>Bill and Al lying? No Way!!! Would they? They would'nt!! Naaaa, Not those two!!!<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: PLS


Moderator, Friend, Angel
South East
You guys are right. The verdict is still out on how global warming is going to effect the earth. One study says one thing. One study says another. All I know is that it is hotter than Hell down here in the south lol. So far this has been the warmest jan thru spring on record in the US. While the showers we had helped and kept me busy last week. But we're back to scorched earth policy now. Yesterday was 100 and very humid. My power bill was higher than last year. Most homes are staying in the 75 to 80 dgreee range. Because the airconditioners can't keep up. No Lawrence I can't move at this time for many reasons. One major one is that I would not want to start all over again. I believe i will still make good overall this year. Just that this up and down crap will get you stressed out. I think next year will be better. One day I am going to find this Lanina ***** and kick her ass even if she is a woman.:)