Gloves?Coats? Boots? Long underwear? etc etc?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Drivefaster35, Oct 13, 2019.

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    Plain and simple what do you guys wear? The number one reason why I am asking is because unfortunately at a young age I was put on blood thinners and it progressively seems to get worse every darn year. mainly my feet even with two pairs of thick socks and Arctic Pro boots. However, my main problem is my hands what all do you suggest for work as I obviously need them to be as strong as possible?
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    If I'm on the mower bagging leaves and not doing physical work my feet get cold.

    I use these toe warmers:

    They are fairly cheap. They don't last 8hrs as they advertise but a good 3-4 hrs.
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    When it comes to socks for the winter I used to wear two pairs, thinner pair then a heavy pair over top them. But had problems with my feet sweating and then freezing because they were wet. Did a lot of research on socks last year and switched to merino wool socks. They are not as thick but seemed to keep my feet much warmer. Just make sure that the socks have a good percentage of merino wool.

    On gloves the only thing I've figured out is to carry several pair, then when a pair gets damp I put on a dry pair. I like the insulated glove with rubber palms and fingers for water resistance. The other trick a friend taught me years ago is that as soon as your hands start to get cold, jump in the truck and warm them up. Usually after doing that only once in the morning, you are good to go. They will still get cold, but don't seem to get as painful.
  7. Cam15

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    Ill tell you what I wear hunting when its 15 degrees out and im sitting for 6 to 8hrs straight. One pair of warm wool socks cant remember the name brand. Thermal underwear preferably under armor. Under armor thermal shirt, Carhart sweat shirt. A warm coat Ive used Carhart coats in the past but their not super warm. And Muck or similar boot 1200g of insulation.
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    Having on 2 pairs of socks constricts my feet and makes them sweat making them cold. I also recommend not skimping on good snow pants depending on where you live.
  9. Cam15

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    I use hand and foot warmers whether im working or hunting.
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    For cold weather work I layer so I can remove things as needed according to my activity level. I guess I'm lucky that my feet rarely get cold as long as I'm moving a little. I usually wear flannel lined pants when temps warrant it. Long johns seem to get too warm when I start to move even a little. Seems to me if I keep my core warm my hands don't get cold. One thing I wear when it gets really colder is something that encloses my head and neck together, something like a balaclava. Seems like keeping my neck warm makes a big difference

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