Gloves for poison ivy


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balto md
I use to be a guy that wasn’t allergic to poison ivy and could roll around in it Till the one day I got LIT up by it very badly !!!

Now I’m highly allergic!! So heed my words .....cover up and take all the preemptive precautions you can when messing with it. Having it on your sensitive parts is in no way “FUN”. Butttttt It’s the kinda FUN you’ll never ....true story!

Mark Oomkes

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Wear some chemical resistant sleeves and nitrile gloves and be careful.


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Grand Rapids MI
Heard about this from horticulture workers at a horticulture garden. Used to remove dangerous oils after exposure.

I should mention that I accidentally picked up a four feet long dead poison ivy vine 4 weeks after I had cut it down, after it had lain untouched for 3 weeks. No rash resulted. Of course, I washed up carefully and fully.

I agree--kill it first. Wait for the oils to evaporate or dissipate. Wear gloves to be sure.

If you can get goats to eat the vines--even better. Sheep--why not? Talk to a couple farmers.

Pablo Vargas

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Austin, Tx.
If you're doing some clean up work that involves getting rid of poison ivy, how do you handle it? What protection do you wear (specifically gloves)? Can gloves be washed to get rid of the oil? From what I've read, the oil can remain on clothing and gardening equipment for months. I do NOT want to deal with a poison ivy rash, so I need recommendations on gloves and other equipment, please. Thanks!

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