Glowing review of JD 657A in Turf Magazine

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, May 20, 2007.

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    Just reading the review on the John Deere Quik-Trak 657A stander in Turf magazine. Well if you go by the review it would be a machine well worth a look. They claim that employees were practically fighting over who got to drive it. They said they timed it side by side with a rider on a large lot and the employees got done I think 18 minutes faster on the stander. Well I'm very surprised. I would have thought a stander would be great for small lots but not large ones as the article suggest. I mean looks like a stander would be harder to track strait on large lots. I have never operated one so I'm reading this as a novice no doubt. Other benefits includes they attached a trimmer rack to it and the employee would simple stop, step off and trim areas that were distant from the truck, thus saving time. That's much harder to do on a regular ZTR. Another advantage and I want some feedback on this is they liked it for steep area's. They felt much more secure standing in case the machine did happen to get away they could just step off. I'm not sure how well they preform against a good ZTR or WB on hills but the fact that you can lean and get off easy makes sense. Very interesting article. It seems some of you that try a stander won't go back. So why is the market share so small for standers? I've never seen on in the field, only at the Expo. I often drive a stand up fork lift, pull cat type fork lift at a factory and to be honest even on the smooth concrete floor your legs are tired after a long shift. Wouldn't this be the case riding a stander for 8-10 hrs a day? The article didn't say anything about price or at least I missed it if it did. So how do them compare to a regular ZTR of the same size and power? Lot's of questions and I'm looking for a lot of feedback. I had pretty well written off a stander as a small city block type mower but what say you???????????

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    I am picking up one on Wed. I will let you know I like it.
  3. redoak77

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    they general seem to be a little cheaper in price. Around the cost of a high end walk-behind, or higher. However, you can find good deals. There was a brand new JD 54" on ebay last week for $4400. It didnt sell and i couldn't believe it.
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    I'm planning on getting a Wright stander as soon as i can afford one. Its the same type of machine. They're supposed to be extremely stable on slopes and can fit into areas that many sit-down zeroturns can't fit into and trim. You can duck under low branches and have more freedom to quickly jump on and off. They weigh less and have a smaller foot print as well as many other great features. A NEW 52" Stander costs right around $6000.
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    Yea I read that review in Turf! Man it got very good reviews...keep us posted. The only thing I didnt like about it...was the plastic chute.
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    Yea, if the chute is all he could find to complain about I'm impressed. I never even considered a stander until this article. But they certainly are not as popular as ZTR's but if this article is correct then sales will grow as word catches on. Of course this is only one article. But I've noticed that standers have a very dedicated following small though they may be. I still can't imagine how they would be better on large lots but I'm interested in hearing about them. I try to keep an open mind.
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    If I were going to go back into larger employee crews again, these would be a strong consideration. Really strong.

    Either the Deere, Great Dane, or Everride... all the same basic machine with a few differences.
    I think the Wright is better, but they still lack a large high HP floater.

    I'd like the standers for employees for many reasons.

    1- faster than a WB
    2- more manuverable than a WB
    3- Shorter than a WB = more of them on one trailer
    4- ability to mount items on them

    See, you could put stuff for trash on them and a trimmer, and really make things easier and more productive for workers.

    Riding them has got to wear you out though!

    On a side note, Jungle Jim's has some neat needed accessories for them.
  8. cpel2004

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    I have a 52TT, 52 Sentar, 61 Grasshopper, and by far I prefer the Sentar. Its quick, its lighter and it has a smaller foot than any ZTR, you can get much closer with your cut. I would trade it for the world. If your doing larger properties, the seat comes in very handy. I couldn't see my self cutting a muli acre lot with the machine without a seat. It will cut your productivity at least by 20 to 30 % if not more. Here in South Florida most lawns are under 10k so it meets and exceeds my expectations.
    Wright owns the patents on the machine right now so call them "Daddy" for now. But my personal opionion is it that they are holding the technology back. As an example you build a 52 inch mower with a 19hp engine, WTF, maybe for homeowners but not for pro's, I get paid by time, I want to get in and out. The engine options are limited, max is 25hp. My second complaint is their prehistoric website, it doesnt do enough to promote their already limited equipment options. I'll give them 4 out of 5 stars. For med to smaller residential their is no better machine.
  9. Envy Lawn Service

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    My sentiments EXACTLY!

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