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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by GLS, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. GLS

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    Here is the newest addition to our equipment list, a brand new Ditch Witch SK650 miniskid.

    Just picked it up yesterday. We have been awaiting a demo since April.

    Based on reviews here on lawnsite and elsewhere, we narrowed it down to either a DW or a Vermeer. The Vermeer was quickly ruled out as the dealer wanted $26,500 for the s800tx without a bucket (we didn't want the s600, but it was still several thousand more than the DW). Ditch Witch has the SK650 on special right now for $19,500 with a bucket. Couldn't hardly pass it up!

    We have a light materials bucket, forks, and a multitask tool on order.

    I gotta say, this is a neat little machine. Lots of power packed into a small machine.

    Got to use it on a job today too, to pull out 6 ground junipers and a small colorado spruce (the tree needed just a little bit of help with chopping)




  2. Z-master man

    Z-master man LawnSite Senior Member
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    Nice new toy! Looks like fun
  3. deere615

    deere615 LawnSite Fanatic
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    Nice little machine congrats!
  4. KE-llc

    KE-llc LawnSite Senior Member
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    what made you buy that? I thought you had a kubota??
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  5. deerewashed

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    if i were in your shoes , having a tractor/loader/all the other attachments i would of spent the the 25k on a nice used mini x. to broaden the horizon of the work you do to land clearing and excavating. but thats just me.
  6. GLS

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    Thanks for the comments.

    We bought this for the ability to very easily have on a jobsite for smaller projects and because it fits in our garage (there are many other reasons too!)

    We still have the kubota, but it is stored 20 minutes away from my house and it takes more effort to trailer it from site to site. It will be used more for larger-scale projects.

    This new little machine fits into my small 2 car garage and takes up only a small portion of it. We can pull it out and do all kinds of little chores with it. More importantly, we can tow it in our dump trailer to smaller jobs such as planting a small tree, etc.

    Probably more than anything, this machine will just be handy to have around.

    This machine is to complement the work we already do, we are not really looking to broaden our horizons; we stay busy enough with what we do. This is another tool to make our job easier.

    A miniex would be a nice machine to have, but we don't have nearly enough work to be able to justify one. We rent as needed. Besides, 25k won't buy that great of a miniex, probably looking at 5-7k hours. We may purchase a backhoe for a tractor or miniskid sometime in the future. Not nearly as capable as a miniex, but would beat renting all the time. We'll see.
  7. deerewashed

    deerewashed LawnSite Senior Member
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    25000 could get you a 3.5 ton mini with around 1000 hours.....
  8. KE-llc

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    with a cab that has heat and ac and will out work/last that little guy...but hey whatever floats your guys also aren't into dump trucks soooo haha
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  9. newtostone

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    Every business works differently, And when times are hard (as they are now) putting on your blinders to new ideas and mastering one skill is what can keep you in the game. If they have very little mini ex work today having one tomorrow wont change that. This investment will aid and expedite an existing service, as I believe they are mostly maintenance. That sk can move mulch much faster and longer than a mini ex ever could though a clients lawn with no turf damage. And as they mentioned mini skids are wonderful for tossing in the trailer with a mower and just doing some extra servicing while on a clients property, no need for another truck to haul over another trailer.
  10. GLS

    GLS LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Cab with heat/ac is nice, but it isn't the purpose of this machine. The idea with this thing is to get on/off as quickly as possible. Makes the small chores very efficient. Our business in general does not involve long term equipment usage to justify a cab.

    This machine isn't just to run a bucket either, we will run a trencher, auger, cultivator, etc. It is a multipurpose machine.

    I can argue all day to defend this machine, but the bottom line is we didn't just decide to purchase this overnight. We have been researching and trying to decide if it could help us for a long time. We finally decided to take the plunge.

    KE, not sure what you mean on dump trucks. We don't have traditional dump bodies on dually trucks, but two of our three trucks are are flatbeds with hoists underneath. The dump trailer does the heavier dumping, and more than that a delivery makes more sense.

    newtostone - that's exactly what we were going for. We specialize in smaller jobs, we are trying to make current work more efficient. I believe in sticking to what you're good at. If some day down the road we get into more large-scale landscaping work, a miniex might be something to consider. But i'm not going to drop that kind of cash on a machine with no work for it. We have plenty of work right now to keep us busy.

    Thanks again for the comments. I might post some more pics of the machine when the rest of the attachments come in. We'll probably be renting a trencher for it soon too.

    Can't wait to try the soil cultivator (rotodairon), we'll probably rent one just to see how it works.

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