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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by GLS, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. cleancutccl

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    I've got a 6x12 right now, I pack a 60" ztr, a 21" wb, and a 36" wb and that is a full load. I have to put the 36 on at an angle across the back, kind of a pain but it fits. If I were you go with a 14 or 16 an extra 2-4 feet can make a huge difference and it won't make that much difference on price. I'm stepping up to an 18 foot dovetail with rear and side gates, I'll have it in March and will post some pics.
  2. GLS

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    Which truck are you talking about? If your talking about the GMC, then I can't answer for plowing yet because we havn't had any snow yet. It should plow great other than the fact that the turning radius is on the long side. It tows great, the duramax (all diesels would) has tons of power. It hauls very well too; don't feel like the things going to fall apart when the beds overloaded a little. If you meant the chevy, then it too is a great truck. Plowing-wise, it is perfect. It could use a little more power for towing, but it's not too bad. EZdumper makes hauling materials a breeze. We abuse the thing when it comes to hauling. We constantly haul 5 cy of mulch, 2 tons of gravel occasionally, all in addition to the weight of the dump. Let me know if you any other questions about the trucks.

    Our trailer is a 6x12. It was fine at first, but it is on the small side now. We are able to cram a 60" ztr, 36" wb, and 21" on it. A 16' would work a heck of a lot better though. We went with the 12' so it would fit in the garage (no unloading at the end of the day). We will probably step up if we get a shop or something someday. I would go 16' if I was you.
  3. CGLC

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    thanks for the info
  4. John P.

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    What is the most weight you have had in your chevy 2500 dump insert,and and it was still able to ride fine?
  5. GLS

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    I feel comfortable with 2 tons (plus the ~700lbs dumper). The tires feel a little squishy over 2 tons.

    This is probably the heaviest load we've had in it. Don't know the weight, it was measured by volume. The loader operator had a different interpretation of a cubic yard than I'm used to I guess.

  6. Gilla Gorilla

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    Hey GLS was that pile on the driveway from one dump with the ez dumper???
    If so that was a hell of a lot of top soil.
  7. GLS

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    Yep, that's one load. It's actually compost so it's probably lighter than you'd think.
  8. John P.

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    You said that you felt comfortable with two tons in the k 2500 that truck stock as far as tires and suspension go? What have you done to that truck besides the dump insert and plow. And how do you like the k 2500 as a landscape truck?
  9. GLS

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    It has a set of overload springs on the rear. Tires have been upsized to a 265/75/R16 D, higher load capacity but not a E rated tire. That is pretty much all we have done to the truck. Can't do a whole lot...the axle on this truck is a semi-floater, didn't get a full-floater unless the truck had a 454 or a 6.5 diesel. No problems yet though.
  10. John P.

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    What are the overload springs? Are they the same thing as like "add a leaf"? What was the cost of that upgrade, and the benefits of having them. Do you feel like you are up to the same suspension as a one ton truck?

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