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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by lawncare18, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. lawncare18

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    glue question guys... dont wana be stupid how strong is the glue? instaled a 4 inch tee in a 4inch line.. little movement near the top but hoping the glue will hold... have a fealing we will be re doing it once we turn the water back on.. on a comercial property... just a slight jigle nothing to big when we lift the one side of the tee up that we didn't glue... anyones thoughts? first time working on such a large project... wont be abig deal if we half to re do it... but I am hoping the glue and compresion fitting on the one side will hold it tight together... IRRIGATION puts a lot of stress on me sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH pipe looks like it deff got in all the way since we pushed like hell on it... and even all the way around wich makes me think it will hold...
  2. Midlo Snow Maker

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    i would not want any jiggle on a 4" line good luck

  3. jcom

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    Great photo Midlo. hehehehehehe
  4. jcom

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    "One side of the tee you didn't glue"??????????

    Yeah,well.:hammerhead: :hammerhead:
  5. SprinklerGuy

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    Open side I'm guessing?

    The jiggle will still be there on 4" right after glueing....what type of glue did you use? If you used a heavier bodied cement that is pretty common?

    Primer and 711 is my choice on pipe that size...and 24 hours of set up above 70 degrees.....longer if colder.

    Pssst....don't jiggle the pipe after glueing...just hold it into the socket for a minute or so, let go and walk away.....;)
  6. PurpHaze

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    I'm having a hard time following. You have a jiggle in the glued socket?

    Was this a main line repair? You'll find out. However, it may not be a big leak for a while.

    If you primered, used good glue and got the pipe all the way into the socket you should be good. However, if you did not wait long enough for the glue to initially set before handling the pipe/fitting them sometimes undue stress can actually break the initial glue seal.

    Keep us updated and get the dang camera out. :)
  7. lawncare18

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    Held guys... ill backfilled it this afternoon beofre I had a chance to take pictures... but its real tight and held great... had a compresion fiting on the other side .... anyways i just must have not wated long enough for the glue to set becuase this am eveyrthing was tight as can be.... thanks guys again for the help!!!
  8. golfguy

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    For future jobs, i would recommend marking end of the pipe before gluing. This will take away any guess work as to whether you have the fitting pushed on all the way.

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