Glyphosate question on systemic "travel"

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by vencops, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. vencops

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    Isn't this the systemic process?

    I didn't spray the grass outside the beds. Let's give me a little I'm not saying there wasn't applicator error involved. Hell, that's a given. I was just trying to understand how to avoid it in the future.

    If the systemic process allows "travel" from one area to another, I'm gonna use a spade to cut them, prior to applying glyphosate (or any chemical that utilizes the systemic process).

    Thanks for the constructive advice.
  2. gebby

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    Every one has to start some where. On this sight you have to be very carefull what and how you ask. I also have many questions but, I'll be danged if I'll ask here. I use the search method and use my study books. I have way many more questions at this chemical thing than I have answers at this stage of the game. Hang in there it will be alright. I look at it like this, Dr's go to school to PRACTICE medicine. They also have a licence. If they can practice so can we I suppose. Attorneys too. Like you I want to do this and, do it right. I have come to the conclusion rather than have some guys on this sight give me a hard time I will call the Dept. of Ag. if I can't find the right answer They get paid to help us do the right thing and realize they will do all they can to help us. I may have my licence but also realize that does not make me an expert yet but, someday I hope to be. Untill I am an expert I will continue to study and do my best, I hope you do too. Best of luck to you !!
  3. 44DCNF

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    your right ven, it's the systemic translocation he refers to. I think he was seperating that from the fact that it wont leach through soil and affect other roots that way.

    I did not mean to sound critical of you by asking about stepping in it either. I've had a mistake or two as well. Placed a dotted line through part of my pwn yard by rolling a wheel barrow through a small patch of tall fescue I'd sprayed. Your fortunate it was a small area.

    Punch the corner of a spade into the soil to cut the roots surrounding the edges of the dead area and apply compost, water in. The pruned roots will force new growth, spread, and speed the recovery of the grass. Aerate the whole of the dead area as well in same fashion. (if it's a big concern). Or, leave it and it will recover of it's own in a little more time.
  4. White Gardens

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    Systemic to only the plants that it has been applied to. It is only absorbed through green leaf tissue and not through the soil and root systems.

    I think your confusing the systemic process and soil mobility.

    Now, it has been debated that if you have off target vegetation that has intermingled roots that have grafted to your target weed then you might be risking killing the off target plant.

    Personally though, I don't feel I've seen this happen.
  5. vencops

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    I appreciate the education, guys. I can tell you, the educational (pertaining to chemicals) pre-requisite to obtain your ornamental applicator's license in NC is not very stringent. I spoke with someone from NCSU today about continuing education. I'm gonna need it as I add these (chemical) services. I'll add them, when I'm ready.

    Right now, baby steps.
  6. mike174

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    I wasn't bashing and I think everyone that replied to this post was offering sincere opinions and advice. 44DCNF is right, I was only trying to point out that Gly won't leach through the beds to the grass edging. We've all learned some lessons the hard way. Don't be affraid to ask questions here....

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