GM trucks: hit or flop?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by thelawnguy, Jan 2, 2002.

  1. RMDoyon

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    This article only mentions the 1/4 ton derivatives.
    Hopefully they will do what Ford did when they redesigned the F150 and utilize a more conservative front end for the 1/2 and 1-ton chassis. Otherwise they will not see a dime from me.

  2. thelandscaper27

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    I my self perfer the older moldels. come on guys.
    Remember the metal bodies and not these cheap A$$ plastic bodies????
  3. Andy Miller

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    I prefer the styling of the GMC over the Chevrolet. I hope the General has built in some more dependability. The comments from some indicate a continued durability problem for the Chevy.
  4. danzig

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    Well guys i have a few things to say. I have a love/hate relationship with gm. Gm makes good v8 engines. With a few mods i can make a 5.3 or 5.7 get mpg's up to 22. This is possible and i have done it. Gm trucks dont have a strong suspension. I will take a dodge or a ford over a gm anyday. Don't agree with me? Look underneath these trucks and you will see. The front end suspension of a gm is just a large version of a car suspension. Get any recalls on that dmax yet? Wait til those engines get hot. Aluminum heads on a cast iron block. Great for performance but on a diesel? Hmmmm i bet those head gaskets wont last 100k. Aluminum expands and contracts alot. Take that on a set of head gaskets and see what happens. Ya have to remember that gm doesnt always get it right but then again they like for us to buy a new one as often as possible. Guys a dodge or a ford seems to be built better and heavier but the gm looks better. I'm sure there will be a few posts for me to read after this. So i will have a box of kleenex for ya :D
  5. bubble boy

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    hey grasscutter-im wondering about a squeal in the steering of our 2000 silverado. seems to be worst when truck is cold, and occurs more when the truck is in a turn-not necessarily when im turning the wheel-but when im holding a curve. and is worse in tight turns.anyone know if i've got a steering rack prob? (i dont even know what that is)

    i also have a burnt light under the hood in our 2000. and the light that illuminates the rear liscence plate popped out and now just hangs.

    as for the spare tire, we had a recall of that here where you could get a part to solve the prob-anyone with a late model silverado should check if this is needed.

    another question-anyone have a engine vibration over 70 MPH ? i was told that it is a prob in the torque converter of our 2002 silverado, that it needs a balance so the dealer added a weight (whatever all that means) but still happening. is the dealer wrong?

    was going to go to dealer today for these probs but what do you know, it snowed!

    funny thing is, i still love chev in spite of all these problems. but my patience is starting to wear.
  6. grasscutter

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    bubble boy

    my steering squeal occured only after the power steering fluid had warmed up. the hotter the weather the quicker it happened. the squeal occured only when turning the wheel to the left and this was only when the wheel was actually being moved. it was called a squeal but sounded more like liquid going through a small opening under pressure.

    my light never actually burned out . the ball or whatever in the switch that turns on the light would not move when i opened the hood therefor the light would not come on. the dealer repalced the light and six months later same problem. new fix is to hit the light when you open the hood. so for this works every time.
  7. pottstim

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    You say that Ford and Dodge have stronger front suspension systems than GM trucks. Have you looked under the front of a new 2002 Ram or a 2002 F-150 or F-250 LD? Both of these brands of trucks use an A-arm/torsion bar independant front suspension just like GM trucks. Personally, i drive an '02 Silverado 1500 4x4, and one of our company trucks at work is a '98 F-150 4x4. I can't see any differences between the two trucks as far as what they can and can't handle. The truth is, no one builds a truck like they used to.
  8. danzig

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    Oooops. I wasnt specific enough. I was talking about 3/4 and 1 ton trucks. I cannot speak for the 02 year trucks. I have an lco bis and i help out on our 600 acre farm. I tow a lot of weight in a year. My expirience with gm trucks has been that their suspensions cannot handle heavy hauling on a daily basis. My definition of heavy hauling is pulling a trailer or a load in the bed, weight in the bed can be up to 5000 lbs and trailer towing can be up to 15000 lbs. The front end of the gm trucks is weak. Tie rods, pittman arms. ball joints, etc. The gas engine is great. The rear suspension is pretty good. A gm truck doesnt set up as high as the other brands which seems a little odd. Had a buddy bring some hay over. 12 round bales at 1800 lbs each on a tandem dually gooseneck. Probably 23000 lbs or maybe more. Towin it with his 89 f-350 diesel. Ya dont see any 89 gm trucks still workin that hard in our area. A gm has a great ride and they look good but i dont prefer them for work. I have a 92 dodge diesel. She aint pretty but she is a mule so i think i will keep her till i save enough for a new one.
  9. MountaineerTom

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    I heard the new redisgn had the front looking like the Trailblazer, on the Silverado's. I used to have a link to an artist's rendition of it, but can't find it now. :( Still similar to the Avalanche though.

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