GMC 2500HD vs. F250

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Deererunner, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. burnsyscapes

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    i have a 07 chevy 6.0l. new body. in 6 months it has had 2 transmissons in it with it being in the shop for 4 other different powertrain issues. it gets horrible gas milage. off a 26 gallon tank i get about 180 miles to a tank when only towing a 6x10 trailer with a 60 in turf tracer on it dailey. its horrible on gas

    i probably will not get one ever again. 8k on gas for an average of 15k miles a year? no thank you.
  2. mowcrazy

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    Hey you feel the same way about your chev as i do the junk ass ford i bought...... good ones and bad ones out there....... i bought a 97 psd 7.3........ supposedly the most bulletproof truck ford ever made per the mechanics at ford i talked to......... if they based that off my truck alone id say ford would be out of business long ago because if its not one thing its another with that darn truck...... my 6.0 chevys while terrible on gas have been scary reliable....... as for the ford, well it lives at the repair shop and this truck came from a one owner older fella with receipts since new..... ican tell ya that since i bought that joke of a truck ive got another 7k more in receipts to tack onto all his....... my chevrolets have oil change receipts, tire receipts and brakes........ thats it. Like i said good ones and bad ones......
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  3. Tharrell

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    I bought a new GMC 2500 in late '07 with the 6.0 classic body style.
    Got it brand new for $20k.
    Mine's 2 wd, 8ft bed. Just a work truck but it is very nice, cloth seats, chrome etc...
    Around 85k on it now and I've done regular maint., no problems.
    Gas mileage without a trailer is around 12 around town.
    Pulling my tandem trailer loaded is around 8-9 and a lot of my driving is hwy.
    Love it and will probably get another one next year.

    CS-LAWNSERVICE LawnSite Member
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    Yes here too.the lots will let you take a truck or car home for a couple days to make sure you like it
  5. MDLawn

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    I think it's just a good sales technique to get people hooked on the vehicle. It's in YOUR driveway, take it whenever YOU want to go drive, YOU can show it off to YOUR friends and family. They want you to not be able to live without it.

    A dealer did that with me about 6 years ago when I was looking at an 04 6.0 Ford. I really wasn't interested after I found a few odd ball things with the truck but they insisted I take the truck home. I did and found out the 4x4 shifter wouldn't shift and that in a XL truck that diesel just rattled my brain! Thankfully I didn't get that 6.oh no!
  6. Deererunner

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    Hey thanks for all the great advice. I went to go purchase the gmc but when I was at the dealer and they appraised my f150 that I would be trading in they offered me $1,500!!! I was never so insulted before, 2003 F150 xlt 4x4 sport with 130k, and was offered 1500, I thought that was insane and then to top it off they wouldn't budge on the truck price either so I ended up walking. The manager was an a**. Funny thing is though 2 days later the same salesman calls me and left me a message saying he is no longer with that ford dealer and is with a Chevy down the road and would love to make a deal with one of his trucks. Too bad though he didn't h e anything I liked.
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  7. MDLawn

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    I know you need a ride but why not sell your truck yourself if you think it's worth more. When buying and trading it's all one big pot of money. They can play it any way the want. More for your trade, sell the truck for less..... I'm not sure how you approached the sale but you need to have a number to give them. Such as "with my trade and the sale I'd like the final price to be at $XX,XXX". Shoot low so they can counter and see what happens. That way they know where you're at. But don't give them the "comfortable payment". When I got my truck that's how I did it and the sales manager was less than friendly too. I said this is the price I want with trade (and I still owed on my truck). They said they could and I'm sure they made money. Good for them they're supposed to. Remember if you sell something yourself no one will agree with your price.

    Also I've seen private sellers selling 03 F150 SuperCab XLT 4x4's with similar mileage for $4000 or less. And not rot boxes either. So the trade isnt that far off. It's almost a 10 year old truck that will more than likely but pushed through auction. Them or any dealer has ZERO interest in that truck in terms of selling it on their lot.

    Make them an offer they can, yes can, refuse. BUT.....if you want a vehicle you have to move on it. That's why you need to have a number to give and not just one you pull out of the top of your head.
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  8. Deererunner

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    Yeah thanks for the lesson but it's not my first time buying and selling... Anyone knows though that the trade in was too low. That's not my point for this thread but again, thank you for telling me common sense knowledge.
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  9. MDLawn

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    It's a dealer did you expect them to give you top dollar for your truck? It's going to be 10 years old, they'll get no value out of it at that age. Another dealer could give you 3 grand for trade in and not budge on selling price or give 3 grand off selling price and garbage for trade. What is your f150 anyways? Cab/4wd etc.... A lot of us think our trucks are worth soo much when in reality they're not. 3/4-1 ton you'd been in a different world. F150's are a dime a dozen. I did not want to come across as "giving a lesson" sorry if I did.
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  10. itteitj

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    I have a 05 gmc 2500 xcab with a 6.2 and a 03 f250. 5.4 and std cab.mileage is same, towing is the same and repairs are not to bad on either. i bought the gmc new and couldnt use it because of the bed size. i bought the f250 with 88k on it and i love it. all around better for me and it was my first ford since hs, a 53 2 door. I would not hesitate to buy a used f250 if its in good condition.

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