GMC 6500 for first dump and hauling?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by KrayzKajun, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. tnmtn

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    it looks like a good truck to me. as someone else said there is no perfect truck. i have a similar truck and trailer combo and it gets used often. one thing to keep in mind for you is Louisiana is very flat. This might open the option up for you to use a similar truck with a gas engine. parts would be cheaper fuel milage a little worse but with gas being cheaper and a truck that doesn't get used all the time it could be an option that could save you big on purchase price.
    good luck,
  2. KrayzKajun

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    Ive been doing the same thing. Ive prolly turned down close to $10k worth of small jobs over the past couple years becuz of not worth it having a couple yards of soil delivered etc. plus i could stockpile soil, gravel at my yard and make small load deliveries for a few buddies in the industry.
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  3. AWJ Services

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    The truck is just another tool too make money.
  4. stuvecorp

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    You are probably better off to delay buying something then to buy the 'wrong' truck. I set that Kodiak up and dumped way to much in to it when all I really needed was a tandem/tri dump. The gift that keeps giving is not being able to sell it to get what I need for the business.
  5. alldayrj

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    why cant you deliver a couple yards of topsoil with your dump trailer? inconvenient since its a big trailer?

    I've seen a few guys up here towing bumper pull 12/14' dump trailers with single axle dumps like this. seems like an awesome idea
  6. AWJ Services

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    Great advice. However Sometimes we have to buy something to figure out what we need. In my situation a tandem is the farthest thing from what I need but each of us have different needs. I have been thinking about this purchase for years and now that I am ready too buy I keep missing good trucks.
  7. PTSolutions

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    Krazy, we just bought a 2003 6500 (chevy) with the 3126 and we have been very happy with it so far. we paid 18k for the truck it has 135k miles right now. we weighed the truck empty and it was right around 12,500lbs. door sticker is 25,200gvwr. we have hauled 9yds wet topsoil and it handled it fine, just gotta be sensible. when working on a site, we put close to 12 yds in her and she still dumped just fine. bed is a 11 foot iirc, godwin dump. trust me you want barn doors, even on a dirt bed. we hauled alot of sod for a volleyball court and when the patches get caught on the top of the dump door it hangs up real good.

    we will probably get the power turned up a bit next year b/c its a bit slower when we have our deckover and 11k lb rc100 behind her.

    i will tell you its one of the best decisions we made so far, it allows us to haul much more material at once, less trips saving money. plus our dump sites often charge by truck, so we had to make 20 trips with our 1ton dump at 25 bucks per truck hauling sod before now, we did it in 3 trips at 30bucks per truck.

    definitely look into getting a barn door kit or a new tailgate, especially if your going to haul brush at any time. if you dont have it you will limit yourself to keeping the load below the top of the gate. our gate is light enough for two of us to safely chain it level by pulling the top pins. but like i said we definitely want a barn door kit.
  8. jmacd

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    I owned a truck just like this about 8 years ago. Truck was nice and clean, new paint, new dump Godwin dump body.

    The truck spec was the problem. The truck didn't have air brakes, 366 gas motor, auto. The truck couldn't pull a skid steer trailer with skid steer on it. NO power. We installed a 502 gas engine, better, but the brakes wouldn't stop the truck when full.

    Make sure the truck is not to small for what you need. That truck was the biggest waist of money for me since we started.
  9. JNB Construction

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    I hear ya. I've been going back and forth between what I want and what I need for about a year now. And I've missed out on a few good deals in the process. I work by myself 95% of the time, just me and a machine, so I need everything to mesh as easily as possible (tailgate, etc.). Still haven't decided which way to go.

    I do see the possibility of making short load local material deliveries here and there, but mainly I get asked a lot to take small dump loads at the end of projects and I'm leaving easy money on the table by not being able to take them. And the idea of not having to pay extra for short loads of rip rap, etc? That would be sweet.
  10. TAF

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    I agree about having issues when dumping debris that won't fit through the tailgate on a truck without the flatbed/barn door bed.. On my 6 yd SA dump, I lower the tailgate like a pick up (Chain it into place) and dump any large debris easily. Keep that in mind when your looking at this truck. For me a "Rock Box" works best, although I can't really haul that much light brush etc. I've had both and ultimately ended up over loading the "Brush box" with gravel, dirt or large rock.

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