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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by DAVELAWN, Sep 25, 2005.


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    I need another truck to replace my chevy k2500 1989 4wd. Looking for similar new. Dealer right down the street has a 3500 4wd, with 6.0 gas for $23,770 after rebates. Anyone use this truck? Pros, cons? I have a dump with a 6.0 gas, and the mileage is horrible, 10mpg or so.......will I do better with the pickup......should I get the 3/4 ton instead of one ton...price is similar????

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    We have 3500 4x4 pick ups with Dmax/Allison package. Great truck, very stable, well built. Have not had any problems. you will enjoy the much improved braking system over the year you have. Personally, I would find the diesel. 18MPG running the freeways at 75-80 and they drop below 15 when pulling trailers through the mountains. For pulling, assuming you get the tow package, you can't even feel a trailer behind you. Typically we pull 16' Wells Cargo enclosed trailers, loaded with all the stuff we use for work, and a tag along flatbed with a CAT 257B, 6 way dozer blade, bucket, and forks.

    The oldest truck is registering 60K right now, it's an 04. Newest is an 05.

    If I had to change one thing I would have gotten the first one with yuppie seats, the kind with the little knob where you can change the lumbar support curves and I would not have gotten carpet. Carpet in a truck is for girly men.

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