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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by QualitylandscapingCT, Nov 9, 2011.

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    I am buying a brand new dump truck. At first I decided to go gas because its more affordable. Naturally I went with a 1 ton ford. I do not have preference in company, coincidentally Ive mostly had fords. I picked out a 2011. I had to put 7k down to get a payment I liked.

    In the meantime, I looked at a GMC. I could get a 2012 for only $200.00 more then the ford. Plus the GMC had a better warranty and I only had to put 6k down to get to my payment.

    After doing some reasearch, I looked into going diesel. They have a nice 0% interest plan that would make it affordable. Im thinking of going GMC. Like I said before I dont have preference, what ever makes me money is good for me.

    Can someone give some of their experiences with this decision. I mean I think im going with the gmc, but I just wanted to hear some opinions. I heard from someone that the front ends sit low, so they are not good for plowing? Thanks.
  2. Marek

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    Are you looking at a 4x4 truck ? What will you be hauling ? The 3500 HD has a gvw of 13,500. The Ford 450 is 16,000 and the 550 can go up to 19500. My 450 and 550 trucks weight 10,200-10,800 with a full tank of fuel and driver. I am sure that the gm would be close to that weight with a solid side 10 - 12' dump . That would only give you 3k carring capacity. So 3-4 yards of mulch or a little over a yard of topsoil or a truck load of leaves. If that works for you then thats grerat, if not you need to go to a heavier duty truck. How many miles will you put on it a year ?
  3. 32vld

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    Want a diesel or need a diesel.

    You talk as if money is an issue. You do not like putting down $7,000, yet you want to buy a diesel truck that will cost $8,000 more.

    Also many have found out that they have to use a diesel for 10 years for the higher purchase price to reach the break even point on the better mpg the diesel gives. Most people don't keep a truck much past ten years.

    Then people that never owned a diesel before can't believe how much more maintenance and repairs cost with a diesel. So a diesel costs more to buy and to keep running.

    Add this to the mix that most LCO's are not pulling 12,000 lb loads on a regular basis.

    So again need verses want.

    I see too many SRW and DRW 3/4 PU's 8' beds crew cab diesels that look as if they do nothing buy take the owner back and forth to the office, take their family camping for one vacation in the summer and one hunting trip in the fall.

    They must be compensating for coming up short some where else in their live's.
  4. QualitylandscapingCT

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    Thank you for your reply's. I may have mislead you on the question. Its not weather I want a diesel or not. 3 out of my 5 trucks are diesel. I just wanted some feed back on the GMC's because I have never owned one. The information I gave in my opening post was just a back story to what brought me to consider a GMC. Im talking about a 1 ton 4x4 2-3 yard dump to do snow plowing and towing my loaders/excavators.
  5. rstan2010

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    If your getting a dump truck get a diesel. You never know when you'll need the power plus you will save at the pump. Gas engines shouldn't even be put in a dump truck. The duramax and allison combo is bulletproof and has tons of power.
  6. Marek

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    I have a 2011 3500 crew cab short bed with the new D max and it is an amazing truck. We love it so far , time will tell since it only has 18 k on it right now
  7. SimonCX

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    I have both gas and diesel gm trucks and diesel does a better job. Not saying the gas truck is bad it pulls 10k without a problem but you will know if there is a hill before the hill starts and the motor loves gas so the gas stations will love you. If your pulling light and don't put many miles on the truck go gas, if you pull 7k+ daily and average 15k+ a year go diesel. The only reason I bought my gas 1 ton is because it was a deal I couldn't pass up and is mainly used for lighter materials.
  8. LBA1999

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    I had to crank up the torsion bars on my 03 2500 HD to fit my meyers plow. it has ruined my ride when towing and the truck never sets level. It is a 6.0 and has decent power it just isn't as fast as my 06 dually durmax. You have to really step on it with a load.Overall it is a tough reliable work truck. I would have bought diesel if doing it again. I know several people with the new diesel (post 07 emissions) and would NOT buy a duramax made after 06. I have heard of too many problems due to the emissions junk. I love my duramax and if you find a clean pre 07 that would last you many miles. GMC builds a good work truck, but mileage is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BELOW what they say. I have had just about every truck and van configuration rom GM over the years and mileage is regularly over 5mpg lower than advertised even when empty. for example my 07 yukon with cylinder shut off was supposed to get something like 16 mpg combined and with about 60/40 city /highway I got less than 13 mpg. The ford with the 6.2 would be a good truck as would a GMC with the 6.0. The newest ford diesel I would buy is a 7.3 unless this 6.7 turns out to be good. If you want diesel buy a CUMMINS! Dodges have stepped up their game on quality of the truck and they are often cheaper. hope this helps. What type of dump body are u getting?
  9. LCPullman

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    The GMC would be an excellent truck. For what you are doing, I'm sure you would love the power of the Duramax. Like others said, the Duramax-Allison combo is about the best you can get now.
    GM really strengthened the chassis in 2011 and upgraded the front axle, so you shouldn't have any problem with running a plow on the GMC now, especially if you get the plow prep package.
    I run an 8ft boss plus wings on my 06 DMAX plus timbrens, and I do just fine. Also know many many other who run plows on their GM trucks and do great.

    You should be aware of the emissions stuff on the diesel. The 2011 and newer are better than the 07-10's though. You might have an issue if: you hardly ever get above 30mph, or all your driving is real short, engine on and off alot, never really warms up.
    If you don't know about this stuff find out, so you can make an informed decision. The emission stuff isn't junk, but it can be problematic under certain driving conditions.
    Google "diesel particulate filter" abbreviated DPF and "Diesel exhaust fluid" abbreviated DEF. If you already know about all this stuff, great!
  10. PTSolutions

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    the 11' and new GM trucks are now much closer to the Fords with respect to the fgawr. The old point about the fords having 6K fronts is now almost moot. The gms will have a better turning radius. Either way i dont think you can go wrong with either option.

    I have not driven nor seen the 11 in person but with my experience with earlier model gm trucks is that the fords were more stout. that is my personal opinion and why we decided to go with ford trucks.

    I am looking at 06-10 450/550 dumps with the v10 to pull our 24' enclosed mowing trailer b/c i dont want my employees using a diesel.

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