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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by ALC LANDSCAPING, Jan 19, 2013.

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    When i had mine i swapped on some clean doors from a blazer i had. Power windows nd locks was pretty sweet
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    Check wit salvage yards down south, they are a dime a dozen down here.
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    I know it doesn't pertain to this build much but I am having a lot of parts brought up from southern states for my trucks. Just go online and try to find salvage yards down south and give em a call. That's what I did. Good luck

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    I would love to get hooked up with a reputable salvage yard that has parts for this truck. Anyone in the south have any leads for me?
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    your trucks the same from the cab foreward as millions of school busses .Not sure of your area,but several districts have rules with school busses in terms of how old they can be .Buss companies might have a few around the yard or know where they were sent .
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    Thanks Guy's. I will check into them tomorrow.
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    Today I dug into the floor on the drivers side, there was nothing left from the outer rocker to the trans tunnel. The inner rocker is gone. The cab mount is very thin so I will replace that as well. The replacement floor pans under the drivers feet are not manufactured large enough, I will have to find a cab to cut some pieces from or splice some metal in to Mack up the difference.
    tomorrow I will post some pictures of this mess.
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    I have some updates with the 7000. The cab is border line not worth fixing so I may do a cab swap. After spending the time on the rockers and floors it would be faster and cheaper to throw a new cab on. On another note I got a call from a buddy this past Sunday that he was junking his L8000 Ford, I stripped a new electric tarp system with the stainless steel arms off the truck. I figure the setup would coast about $800 or more so that was a home run. As far as the pictures go I'm still working on getting them uploaded.
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