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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Gmoser's Lawncare, Aug 13, 2012.

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    Hey guys! My names Jake Gmoser owner of Gmoser's Lawncare & Snow Removal. I am 21 years old and I live in Traverse City, MI. I started my business last spring, I only had a total of 6 mowing accounts last year (all residentials). This year I am currently mowing about 45 properties and 2 being condominium areas. I have put everything I have into this business and all profits to date have pretty much been reinvested in the business, last year I had 1 48 walk behind and a older chevy, currently I know have a 721D (52 inch/diesel) front mount grasshopper which I love lol and a 52 hydro walk behind (a scag and ferris, though the scag is hardly used at this time). I hope to continue this thread for a long time to come, I enjoy reading everyones post and looking at there pics. I really have learned a lot from this site and I hope to be a regular from now on! Comments are welcome! Take it easy tho, this is only my second season in the biz and I am learning more and more every day!

    Excuse any spelling errors, I am in a huge hurry and I just figured out how to upload pics.








  2. Gmoser's Lawncare

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    A couple more work pics, I will continue to add in my spare time!



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    I like that you went with the diesel. That is the way to go, it uses less fuel than the same mower with a gas engine.
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    Yea it's great, I looked at a 721 kubota gas and a 725 gasser, but I felt like the diesel was the way to go, I think all future purchases aside from walk behinds will be diesel powered. I can go about 6 hours on one tank with the grasshopper and only about 3-4 hours on the ferris which has the 17 horse kaw on it. Thanks for the reply!
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    Looks real good man...Keep up the good work.
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    haha the first picture for a quick second I thought the scag was some sort of mower with a roll cage on it.

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    Everything looks good! I like those stripes.
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    Nice stuff. The stripes really pop.
  9. Nicktw25

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    Those stripes in my opinion have to be in the top 5 best ive ever seen!!! If you don't mind answering, how did you go from 6 accounts to 45 the next?
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    I thought that to or there was a cage on the trailer...

    I was up at lake leelanau last week, beautiful area around traverse city.

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