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I need the rain to go away in the northeast (buffalo) we have had high winds and rain for the past couple of days with more on the way. im getting behind, the lawns are too wet to get on and were getting more storm damage, after we have done the spring clean ups. Man every year the same thing, I would like just one year to get ahead. just wanted to vent.


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we got those winds on Monday...not nice.

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Once the clean ups are done I couldn't care less about the wind trouble is it only seems to be windy when I am doing clean ups. Had some divine intervention with the wind on Monday I am doing a clean up and its going slow wind just keeps hammering us. Any ways we force the leaves through the side yard and I start cutting as the guys finish the last 20 feet we had probably 6-8 cubic yards of sticks and limbs on this clean up. So we had the yard spotless I finish cutting what I can and I got like 2 more passes to make once they finish that last little bit. So one guy and me go to collect tools and we come around a bend and we both have the same confused look on our face. There’s a 6 inch wide log that’s on the ground all smashed up with the mower lines right under it and he goes to me how did you cut around that and I think and realize I didn’t. So this branch fell where I had been not 3 mins before and it was big enough and high enough that I think it would of killed me. Talk about luck.

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