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    Sthl sells battery trimers, ver expensive tho
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    Actually it's a Hit-and-miss design and while it might run on an alternate fuel it also doesn't run long without maintenance.
    The earlier designs required a mechanic ride along as the engine didn't have an oil sump so the mechanic had to spray oil on the valves as it ran, for obvious reasons valve covers were not used.

    The smoke you see is from incomplete combustion, that's how inefficiently they ran.

    Here's another:

    This one gives a good idea as to some of the risks involved:
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    Going green is where all your equipment has such oversized engines that the people in their smart cars turn green in the face when they see you, hence "going green". I've gone green...it's the american way lol :usflag:
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    (Ok, maybe not really...but an 80cc trimmer sure would add an entirely new meaning to "more power to ya" lol)
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    Hence the junior mechanic watch position of Oiler usually on ships. IC was still in its infancy. Hell, most diesels smoked into the 70s, especially the two stroke Detroit series.
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    Diesels smoked up until 1985. The last year Mercedes used the OM 617-952 engines in cars intended for the US market. No DPF, catalyst, or urea injection. The EGR could be disabled by plugging one vacuum hose. No ECU or CEL Big Brother devices to keep you from doing that either. Not terribly hard to tune up for crazy power and the engines are strong enough to deal with being turned up just fine. Mine has the fuel delivery on the injection pump turned up a little, turbo is set to 14 PSI, and the EGR is repaired. You are not supposed to feed soot back into a turbo.
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    I do lawn maintenance on a lakes are. We have 5 lakes in a small area. People here want low maintenance, no chemicals and to not have to water lawns at all.
    We started installing no mow grass in 1998 and have worked out having some nice lawns without the chemicals. Most of the fertilizers we use have a molasses base and increase the microbes in the soil. We have been very happy with how healthy the soils get. Once the soil gets good- the soil is able to hold more moisture so the grasses withstand droughts better.

    We do weed control in the spring but we only spot spray since we found the grasses recover from the chemical assault faster if it's not sprayed 100% over the area. We use TriMec.

    Our business went from mowing lawns on a weekly basis to doing more installs so we hired more workers and we make much more on that verses the mowing.

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