Go Merit? or stick with Mach II

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Drivefaster35, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Drivefaster35

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    Ok heres the situation I AM NOT AFFRAID TO ADMIT that I don't have a lot of experience and am lisenced by the dep of ag so I could really use some advice. This being my second year fertilizing sommercially and first apply any insectacide I'm really not sure where to go. I used MACH II with fertilizer this year on 2 of my accounts that requested it and so far so good. However I know that MACHII is a preventative measure and results can't be proven until time passes. So I ahve another condo complex interested in my services and said the previous provider used Merit as the insectacide without fertilizer. S he did 5 apps of fert obviously the first being Barricade for Pre M the second with Herbicide and 3 more apps of fert. I was wondering would going with my program whish is printed below will I have better, similar or worse results? any help would be awsome.


    19-0-6 Dimenson
    21-0-11 then sprayed Momentum
    Mach II with Fert
    32-3-8 2fe
    37-3-11 2fe

    13-2-5 Barricade
    30-5-10 then spray Mommentum
    Apply Merit
    30-5-10 2fe
    30-2-10 2fe
    32-3-8 2fe

    Which one do you thinks better or more sound? any pointers or things you would change? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR THE HELP
  2. Marcos

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    Well, it's obvious that the 2007 program was Lesco stuff, and the 2008 'considered' program is someone else's stuff.
    But no bother...

    You neglected to mention the AI % (active ingredient % ) and coverages on the bag that you're comparing in each years pre emergents, and grub preventives.

    But all things being equal for the "region" ... why would you want to pay more for Merit, if Mach II necessarily didn't give you any 'problem'?
    (Don't say Merit's less expensive than Mach II...I know better):rolleyes:

    You didn't say a word about your 2007 crabgrass control success with your Lesco Dimension. Did it work? When did you apply it? You do know that it can be applied later in the spring and still work, right?
    Why are you interested in switching to Barricade, given that Barricade's generally more expensive?
    Finally, what is the reason(s) you have for thinking about switching from a 19% nitrogen content to a 13% nitrogen content included with your pre-emergent?
  3. Drivefaster35

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    from Midwest
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    The crabgrass prevention worked fine with the deminsion it's just that Barricade was highly suggested to me by another local friendly/competetor with alower nitrogen rating to prevent any Fungis due to the rain springs we can have at times.
  4. lawnservice

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    just because its a cold rainy day here let me stir the pot a little...
    Imidacloprid (off patent merit) is cheaper than the patented MachII

    We're getting better prices on prodiamine (barricade) than dimension
  5. Marcos

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    OK I don't see any problem at all with the logic with going with the lower N in your first round. Especially if you mow lawns and and fertilize the same ones.
    Often you can 'grow' much of your own problem that can get rained out and overgrown later in the spring ! The lower 13 % N will help that a little, as long as the N still has some slow release (SCU) content, say 30% or so.

    Prodiamine (Barricade) indeed works well. My experience in the past is that it often works too well ! ! !
    The 'margin for error' for A.I. application in the soil for Barricade (despite where you live) is MUCH, MUCH SMALLER than it is for Dimension and Pre-M !!

    What I mean is... prodiamine is unmatched for crabgrass prevention, yes... but the A.I. is unpredictable in different conditions and soil types, and it will often linger around way too long after it's job is done.

    Even when its applied correctly it often lingers right in to seed season!
    That happened this year here in the Midwest.
    Some folks who seeded in August / Sep (who used Barricade in '07 spring) may have been blaming their failed seed jobs on lack of customer watering or whatever, not even knowing that they have caused the problem themselves (or a lawn care company's spring app could still be 'active') !!

    You do what you want. But if it's not broke don't fix it. :waving:
  6. americanlawn

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    We chose Barricade for 2008 (used Dimension in 2007, but Barricade was cheaper for '08). We'll see. As far as BWC (broadleaf weed control), I think the best time is early fall instead of spring (generally speaking). Regarding iron, best uptake = when lawns are actively growing (usually spring, sometimes early fall). MachII vs Merit....we've almost never had grubworm breakthrough with Merit. I cannot say this regarding Mach II >> used it the first year it came out, but so did the grubs.

    You may want to check your landgrant university recommendations. My two cents worth. If anybody knows of a pesticide to prevent political pollsters from calling, please let me know. LOL
  7. RigglePLC

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    Good program,,but--I always include two broadleaf weed controls. Spring or summer and then fall. The fall treatment improves control of winter annuals and eliminates most dandelions in spring. Also Gives creeping charlie 2 shots per year.

    Barricade is good, but it depends on the active ingredient and final rate of active per acre. In my hands Barricade was not completely effective at the .55 active per acre rate. That is too low. This year I will use more Dimension and increase the Barricade rate to .65 active per acre. Discuss this with your chemical sales rep--be sure you get adequate rate. The more you put down the longer it lasts. I am skeptical that it would last into September. It costs more at higher rates, but it works better. Don't let the salesman tell you it works perfect at the .55 rate.

    Don't by Barricade or (prodiamine) at the 0.20 percent active per bag--i feel that is not enough.

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