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Goals for 2004


LawnSite Bronze Member
Martinsville, IN
Lets hear what everyone wants to accomplish with their businesses this year! I'll begin:

1.)Pay off my mowers
2.)Get a v8 4 x 4 truck
3)At least double my clientele

I am going to stay very focused to achieve these goals too!


LawnSite Member
Just bought our first Izuzu Landscape Truck...Hope to get that payed down.

Add another employee and double our maintenance work.

Establish a Full-time landscape crew

Hit 1/2 million in sales.

Let it Grow

LawnSite Senior Member
Walla Walla, WA
This will be my second year.
I will double my gross,
Buy another pickup,
Buy a ZTR,
Employ at least two people other than myself.

Those are my goals. I think that I should be able to reahc them all. We'll see...I can't wait to get started!!!


LawnSite Member
Good question, as it is my first full season and second in this line of work, I would like to get 30-40 clients, 1 other worker besides myself and get a 4X4 truck and plow for the next winter. I would also like to get a new trailer and even and extra w/b....Now to realy start something what brand????? LOL


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I think the goals sound great and good luck! My personal goals include weeding out overly demanding low paying customers, adding more full service commercial accounts, and increasing gross sales 25%. :)


LawnSite Senior Member
Obtain pesticides applicators license, currently taking last of 3 classes, ends mid March. Exam in April.

Double my gross from 2003.

Hire 1 quality full time person.

Upgrade professional image through better uniforms and advertising.


LawnSite Gold Member
A2, Michigan
Figure out this employee thing and maintain employees throughout the season to help me grow.

Not really into buying much in the way of new equipment. Hope that I can get through the season without new major purchases. I spent my share of $$ last year.

Make more $$ of course.

Add more new services to expand and diversify.

Personal goals--

Eliminate more of my debt.

Do some improvements on my house.

Finish up my web design degree.

Lose some weight.

:D :D