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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by AEL, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. AEL

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    It seems pretty quiet around here lately so I figured I would post this topic and see what everyone's plans,goals,and purchases for 2014 are. I wish everyone the best in 2014 and hopefully this year I can put some faces to names!

    My goals for us this year are-

    Hire another 2-3 good employees
    Continuing to pick up larger scale Government projects
    Become a General contractor on more projects instead of being a sub contractor

    Some purchases that are in the process and some that I hope to make this year-

    Kubota kx080-4 or doosan dx85-3 with a indexator tiltrotator
    Hitachi zx 245 with indexator tiltrotator
    Volvo or Deere 25 tonne Adt
    Deere 750k Lgp or cat D6N Lgp
    Mc closkey 516 Re or 621 trommel screening plant
    Bandit 1680 beast horizontal grinder on tracks

    Seems like a few large items but with the current work load and the type of projects I am actively bidding and sourcing we are developing a need for all these items .:canadaflag:
  2. noahb195

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    Those are some pretty impressive goals/equipment. I know you can do it. I wish you the best of luck in 2014!

    And oh yeah your picture thread needs some lovin!
  3. alldayrj

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    Great idea.
    First off im picking up my mini mini ex. From there i will be growing my specialty excavation side, i want that to run doing trenching for other contractors etc and rip outs and prep for my masonry business. I need to hire a full time foreman and by 2015 i want to be in a position to pick up a mini skidsteer like an s70 or pt30 and a single axle hook truck to serve both businesses. A ctl would be nice too, lets shoot for the stars and hope the work keeps coming. Good luck everyone
  4. AEL

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    That kubota should treat you good and help you grow!
  5. larryinalabama

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    Sounds like a BIG YEAR!

    I was just hoping to get the truck cleaned out.
  6. AWJ Services

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    I was all in Septic at this time last year but I am leaning heavily towards Mulching. ROW, etc type work. So far the profit ha sbeen great.

    8 ton excavator is my main desire.LOL
    Maybe trade teh TL140 in on a high flow machine?
    Wood chipper?

    Have a few counties renewing contracts on retention pond maint.

    Go Big or go home.:weightlifter:
  7. Junior M

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    I've been toying with the idea of goin to work for someone else for a short while to put some money in the bank, gain some experience and just kind of enjoy life. I applied for multiple jobs.. I've gotta interview next week but over the past week since they scheduled the interview I've decided I am just gonna keep doin what I am doing. If I go to work with that company I'd be gone 4-5 days a week and wouldn't have time for anything of my own. Even my little ventures where I buy and resell trucks and things. Money isn't everything.. If I quit now id be walking away from my dream and everything I've gotta lot of money invested in.

    So now I am looking to really focus on my business and where I want it to go. I am really trying to get enough business to focus on one service or something like that.. I am gonna start pursuing digging pools. It's something I've always wanted to do and the guy that does it now won't be doing it much longer.. So on my list of purchases for the year I am looking for a single axle dump, 10ton tag trailer and a 4wd backhoe with a 4n1. Nothing new or even close to it..
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  8. Construct'O

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    I have actually been kicking around starting another company farther south with more possible work days.Also getting closer to busier area where there more summer time work.Farm work is always a drag during the summer time when the crops are in the field.

    Looked at buying 10 acres close to a large city for commercial work.Wouldn't need much more equipment have about everything i need.Would be looking at doing jobs from start to finish and sub out what i didn't have time to do or want without renting equipment or more help.

    I'm wanting to get my main man started with this company and turn it over to him here in a few years.I'm pass retirement age,but still enjoy work as long as things goes smooth,but that doesn't last long.

    Would still do my farmwork ,and become more involved in the commercial side of things during the slow time.Would only be only a few miles from the city 80K plus.Just a dream,guys still got to dream right.
  9. KG26

    KG26 LawnSite Member
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    I'd like to increase revenues x10. Tighten up the rought
  10. whiffyspark

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    I would like to increase my bush hogging clearing accounts

    Purchasing a goose neck dump next month

    Hopefully a new mini ex xand dingo by summer

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