goin from the 21" to a WB or ZTR

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by UrbanAppealLawnCare, Mar 4, 2010.

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    currently all i do is residentials.

    that 36" goes through every gate i've ever come across. there was a thread not to long ago about the 32" wb.

    i've never had a need for a 32". any gated back yard i've come across will either allow a 21 incher a 36" wb or anything larger but i've NEVER come across a gate in my neck of the woods where i could have gotten a 32" wb through and not a 36".

    i say get the 36" wb but you know your gates sizes better than i do. currently i have 4 accounts i use my 36" wb on in the back yards. the rest get the 52" toro grandstand treatment.
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    Look into exmark metro, toro wb belt, scag belts little more... or a gravely will make a great mower and its a tank. 2995$ plus tax of course... man the gravelys are built great and easy height adjustment rather than the exmark metro where you have to use spacers to adjust the height and is no quick process compared to the gravely... buy commercial. I know a homeowner stihl trimmer is based to last 45 hrs... I worked at a place and the homeowners stuff doesn't hold up. A local guy tried using a time cutter and it broke down about half way through the season, fixed it, then broke down two weeks later. Guy was so stupid dumping money into that mower.
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    I have 9 gates that my Quickie 32 (34.5") mower will fit through...and a 36.5"+ wide mower would not - w/o turning it on 2 wheels or fiddlefaddling with gate hinges. A Quick 36 is 39" wide...and most 36's are prolly over 37" wide.

    My goal was to leave a 21 at home...and I do.

    A 32 will fit more places than a 36...and this goes for more than just gates.

    A 48 or 52 will best compliment a 32, imho.

    Hey, IFF a 36 fits through ALL your gates, then good for you!! :walking:

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