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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNS AND MOWER, Jan 15, 2002.


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    I did a search on striping and found a gazillion threads on this. My situation is this. I have a showplace acct that gets alot of traffic driving by it. I've had this acct for 8 years. I stripe the front yard north/south one week and east /west the next week. The grass is trained to lay in the same direction that the mower goes. I want to try this year to mow each pass in the opposite direction that it's trained. Will this put the grass into shock or will it stand it up and make it greener??

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    I don't really understand what would cause that. My guess is you guys have a much different variety of grass than we do here. So I can't offer any real advice to your specific situation.

    But I would recommend that you begin to mow in 4 directions, rather than 2. This should help a lot. We mow virtical one week, diagnal the next, horizontal the next, and reverse diagnal the last week. Then we start all over.
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    I agree.. Try to start a four stripe pattern. It should take a lot of the stress of off the lawn. This really looks good on a corner lot, where you can drive past and see all four stripes. Very Impressive.
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    I am not sure I understand. You make a cut in one direction then you turn and go back leaving a stripe in the other direction. I am not sure how you would leave stripes in the other direction other than recutting doing the same thing 90° of the first stripes. Am I missing something?

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    Picture a quare lawn.

    Week one, you mow up and down.

    Week two, you mow side to side.

    Week three, you mow diagnal - upper right corner to lower left corner.

    Week four, you mow opposite diagnal - upper left corner to lower right corner.

    Week five, you start the same process over again with up and down....
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    Hey...you have painted a picture that even a dummy like me can understand. With the mowers that I have always used, you have to cut round and round or you would mess up the sides. Thanks a lot.

  7. It will not hurt the grass.

    Mowing in 4 different directions looks like crap, so I don't recomend it.
  8. It's called striping.

    Search the word "stripe" you will find the answers.

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    I'll have to agree with the Godfather on the four different directions. I may go up to three but even then it gets very "busy" looking.
  10. mmcconn746

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    If you look at the picture of the grass at the top of this Web page, you will notice dark and light vertical stripes. The color difference was caused by cutting the grass in different directions. That is what they are calling stripes.

    Does anyone know how do they do the plaid design on the Atlanta Braves ballfield. I would assume they cut the grass twice in opposite directions but it seems that the second cut would wipe out the stripes in the other direction?


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