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Discussion in 'Sports Field Management' started by The Amateur, May 5, 2008.

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    Great site packed with info - THANKS! I have been taking care of a handful of residential properties for about 3 years - mostly as side work. One season I worked full time in the lawn business. Due to drought and personal issues last season, I basically let my few clients go. Now, I would like to get into it again and want to follow the commercial route. I am looking into some State and local Gov contracts. My question is, have any of you got into Gov work WITHOUT first working some commercial accounts prior to the gov contracting? The contracts I have seen address experience. My goal is to not get in too deep and still maybe work some type of "regular" job PT or FT. Any advice would be appreciated!
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    If you want some advice....if you are serious about going commercial, choose either a 9-5 job or take on the landscaping..one or the other.
  3. Big Blue Sky

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    Gov't contracts can be lucrative. They can also be VERY restrictive. They can specify what equipment you use, what you pay your employees (and they better be legal), Taxes and Financial can be reviewed (and sometimes made public), and much more. Amongst other obstacles that can be overcome, they take some time to come to fruition. We have bid several projects over the years. Approach Gov't work with caution. If you are not well versed, you can get into some seriously unrewarding work. Sit in on a couple of bid awards and review open bids. See what goes on before you dive in. Check out Christy Weber Landscape in Chicago. They have built a very solid foundation in municipal work.
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    I have a short term county contract that is doing extremely well. This is my first and hopefully more to follow. They required refences from some of my customers wich are apartments. I try and talk to anybody who has or is doing goverment work no matter what trade, to get the ins and outs.Try a town or county bid, something small that you can handle and work your way up. State roads dept. bids out alot of mowing here. At the present I have no employees except for an occasional family member when I have a lot scheduled for the day. Well I hear kids waking up gotta go, Mery Christmas and good luck to you.
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    The only gov/state contract I have ever had, I got screwed on! Two months into a year long contract they came to me and said that they were putting their own crews on it because of budget cuts. I said that was fine we had 10 months of our contract left and I would not ask them to renew. They basically told me that I could take a flying leap. They were "the government" and there was nothing could do about it. I pretty much stay away from those deals now.

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    Another point, The government is the slowest paying of any entity in the business, they typically require a Net 60 minimum.
    I would go for your typical commercial accounts, HOA's, Apartment Complexes, and etc.., those accounts for us, we always get paid on time before the 15th of every month.

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