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Alright so i have been thinking about stepping up to a commercial mower. currently i have a john deere z225 that i got from lowes.

Can i get some suggestions on what my first commercial mower should be?

Right now i mow about 20 residential yards. some are big enough for a 60inch but most have gates that anything bigger than a 42 wont fit in.

Top on my list right now is a 36inch exmark turf tracer.

Please give me some ideas on mowers and why.



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memphis, TN
A 36 will always be a staple in any company. I personally prefer 52s. They are big enough for smaller commercial, but small enough for most yards. I'd you have a push mower and most of your back yards are not very big then get a 52. But if you have a lot of back yards stick with the 36.
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Stick with a 36 inch hydro--we mowed 20-25 yards per day/2 guys for a long time...you can go through most all gates...after you get one, you will not like to use the 21inch mower.... many customers HATE large mowers--36 included so be prepared for them to tell you--


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Alright, last year I had a similar mower from Lowes, John Deere and all. Only reason we bought it is because they mispriced it and we got it for about a grand less than what it should have sold for. Anyway, I upgraded to a commercial ZTR this year, a used Husqvarna LZ6127 (61 Deck 27 HP) and I LOVE it. Mowes SO much better, SO much faster, and overall, when your driving it, you can definitely tell your on a commercial. This thing is SOLID, and I fell like I am driving a tractor. Plus it can handle 8-10 large yards a day. I think the only downside, if there is one, is the weight, especially on hills, so I leave that to my walk-behinds. But for you I would go with a walk-behind or quick track, and we mainly use the John Deere Quick Tracks and Exmark Turf Tracers, they do great around here. Then again it all depends on the type of grass your mowing, and the type of lawns. Exmark is very good though, I would go with them.


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I have a walker MB 42" deck remember with walker you can buy and use diff sized decks and they hold attachments. check it out. but also remember most residential with on gate a 42" is as big as you can go. Thats why I got a 42". I have cut 16 yards in a day. one mower 2 people.BOOKIN!